Some of you may already have a known iron issue, some of you don’t. You can’t fight infection without IRON in your bloodstream, it keeps your RBC healthy and it keeps your energized.

If you are sweating or working on this summer, be diligent of the iron issue, because you lose minerals every time you workout, every time you step into a sauna.

If you are fatigued, get your ferritin tested. 

If you need iron, the BEST I know of is NOT in tablet or capsule form, it’s nano sized and while regular means of taking iron take FOREVER to correct an issue.


The BEST Form of IRON!

The BEST Form of IRON!


I’ve seen the worst kind of ferritin tests (between 2-5) be corrected within 30-45 days.

Besides the chemical correction, people get ENERGIZED with supplementation. If you have low ferritin or are sweating out too much iron, too often,  getting your levels corrected could make you feel like a normal person again!


GET Ultimate IRON.