What exactly IS BIOFILM and what are the options for removing it?

My last post was about Stevia and it’s use against Lyme biofilm, but perhaps I got ahead of myself writing that. I had some people ask me some very good questions about what biofilm is and why it’s important to consider removing in infection cases.

Staphylococcus Aureus- gross, and heavily present in the human body.

Biofilms can occur is infection cases, not just Lyme disease. I’ll speak quickly on dental health because biofilm is almost ALWAYS present in the mouth of most individuals. It occurs when you haven’t brushed your teeth in a while. It’s that filmy feeling that’s on your teeth. The problem is that if it’s left for prolonged periods of time, it creates gum disease and also becomes a breeding ground of caries bacteria (the bacteria that causes cavities).

I discovered quite a bit about oral biofilms and believe that most people with Lyme disease, not only have the films in their mouth related to the general public (staphylococcus aureus), but those of Lyme disease as well.  At any given time, there could be 600 different kinds of bacteria in the mouth.  YUCK.

One of the biggest oral care issues is that of bleeding gums, because once your gums are bleeding, the bacteria in your mouth have a fast track to your bloodstream. So it’s not wonder that people with oral care problems are also VERY UNHEALTHY INDIVIDUALS. If you want to get healthy, stay healthy, you must consider all that you do for proper oral care.

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Serious antiseptic dental products- that are FUN & Taste Great!

The product I developed on that website is going into retail stores now and it kills biofilms in the mouth. It’s HIGHLY anti-septic, but uses essential oils to do the heavy lifting….and it tastes like a candy!

A little more insight…

Biofilm is a slimy, glue-like substance that anchors bacteria to wherever it wants to be.  Gross right? It can form in water bottles that aren’t cleaned well enough. It can form in your mouth. It can form in your body.   If infection is bad enough, like that of most Lyme cases, areas where the infection is prevalent is going to have quite a bit of biofilm and one must “bust” the film to get to killing the bacteria that is creating it.

I think there is a lot of misconceptions about what you can use to “bust” biofilm.  Stevia was just researched and mentioned how it was effective at removing biofilms when used in conjunction with antibiotics.  The truth is, it would BUST film without antibiotics, the antibiotics were just tested with Stevia because that’s what’s EXCEPTED as “Lyme treatment.”  Nothing else is medically excepted, so people like me, who get well from NOT using antibiotics are treated like we don’t exist…or that it’s medically impossible.

To bad the study didn’t include testing anything else…..proof that medical thinking/research is plagued by special interest and people who are schooled in ONE way of thinking. 

What else works to “bust” biofilms inside the body?

Well, when biofilms are inside the body, one cannot technically scrub the inside like you would water bottle.  So what you take has to be of high value.

Stevia- Yes, it works. And it tastes great! Bonus. Read about using Stevia to kill Lyme disease biofilms here.

Salt– Yep, it works. It kills everything in a petri dish (including filmy secretions). Salt/C combo WORKS. The caution is with using table salt (NACL) which can give you all kinds of problems if you take high amounts. Take the good stuff here. IT’s designed for heavy dosages, with no fillers and vegan caps…and it’s highly specialized and mineralized salt.

Read about Salt/C here and watch a few videos.

You can get the 3 Blend Salt Caps here.  Or get the bundle of 3 Blend Salt and Alkalizing C here.

LymeRecover’s Salt and C Plan

Proteolytic Enzymes– Yes, the bust of biofilms and eat proteins that need to be removed from the bloodstream, to “free” up the immune system.  Read about using proteolytic enzymes here.

Rock Mountain Panacea Enzyme Project– Okay, we aren’t done with this product yet and it’s not available. But it’s going to kill the s*&t out of biofilms.  Read about this elixir here.

Really Potent Allicin– YES, there is research showing that this kind of medical strength “heart of garlic” can do a good job. Check out the REAL stuff here.


Apple Cider Vinegar (and rice vinegar)– Can eliminate stubborn biofilm infections in petri dishes, with ease….therefore, safe to say it can do the same in the body. Read about using ACV here.

Essential Oils– It’s so funny to me that these studies NEVER include the cheap (OTC) stuff. Well, my organic oil blends aren’t totally cheap, but compared to a huge co-pay on an exotic drug, they SURE ARE!   Peppermint has be studied to death in oral care/caries research, because it kills the s&%t out of biofilms.   Unfortunately, only a handful of oils have been researched and virtually none have been research with Lyme disease. Hilarious, right?  Essential oil blends can kill the s%^t out of biofilm and other types of infection. That’s a final statement without a doubt. Read more about about the Top 12 Essential Oils here.  This is an eye-opener.

..Then go get yourself the BEST…

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