Essential Oil Newsletter Series For Lyme and other Autoimmune Conditions

I often get so many requests for information about how to use essential oils that I felt compelled to write an essential oil newsletter series specifically covering all of the best uses for essential oils.

We will dive deep into the healing intelligence of essential oils and the science of advanced aromatherapy for the specific use of getting well naturally. Because there is so much information regarding essential oils, such as the  types of oils, safety issues (like ketone issues), chemistry information (the stuff you need to know), different methods of application (and what those achieve) and more, this newsletter will be divided into a series of newsletters over the next few months.  The information you get, is going to be extremely EDUCATIONAL and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!

Let’s Dive Right In

Antibacterial activity of essential oils has been researched since the 1880s and unlike antibiotics which are active due to inhibiting and easily identifiable single target the activity of essential oils impairs bacteria in multiple physiological systems as well as in membrane functionality.  But the interesting part about oils is not just about how anti infectious they truly are, but their effects on the entire human body.  For example most people do not know that some essential oils can induce liver detoxification enzymes to help with Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification, they are also essential for the transcription of pro-inflammatory molecules which basically means they are highly useful for inflammation in the body.

Many people use essential oils specifically for aromatherapy uses as inhaling essential oils is highly useful for changing moods and emotions, but can have (sometimes) intense physiological responses also.  Well this method is probably the most prominent method for use of essential oils, oils can be not only inhaled but used as suppositories, can be taken internally, and can also be applied topically.  Different applications can be used simultaneously to achieve desired outcomes.

One of the topics I’d like to dive in the most is the safety issues regarding essential oils. I believe that there is an enormous amount of misinformation regarding taking essential oils internally and I would like to debunk some of these intense myths that have no scientific evidence whatsoever, but used to scare people.

Essential Oil Newsletter Series For Lyme and other Autoimmune Conditions

One of the greatest benefits of using essential oils is how non-selective the effects are. 

Many people believe that when they have Lyme and co-infections that they have to treat  with the use of antibiotics, who unlike having a shotgun approach have a very specific single targeted approach. The true danger in this methodology is that bacteria can easily and often find ways two evade that single target attack. This is why you get so many people with Lyme taking antibiotics feeling better quicker, but never able to go into complete, full remission. It happens over and over and over. Seriously, why is everyone so surprised?

The advocacy of oils and their components against a ride range of viruses has been demonstrated in vitro and occasionally in clinical trials. The stunning efficacy of all or almost all essential oils against herpes lesions is probably the best example to experience the true meaning of non-selective effects of essential oils.

What essential oils can do is so vast that it’s almost incomprehensible and very hard to test.

In Western medicine we test drugs based on the active ingredient concept which was expanded to allow for multiple active components. and for resulting synergistic effects. However scientific understanding of essential oil activity has always remained based on variations of the active ingredient concept.  This rationale was congruent with the way single component drugs from aspirin to mepron to Prozac could be understood.

Unfortunately it became the only way to understand the physiological activity of natural substances….but natural substances aren’t singularly selective (thank God)….because when you’re sick, you don’t have  A SINGLE PROBLEM, which is how our healthcare is set up…WITH ALL KINDS OF SPECIALIST for singular problems (like Lyme).  Health is a cascade effect and to get it back, you must CASCADE IT BACK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. 

It is simply too hard to test essential oils, with this current model, because their components are so vast and there species of plants can vary dramatically depending on where they’re grown.

So essential oils have never been fully recognized by the medical community, not because of the lack of testing over hundreds of years, but because Western science wants to isolate chemicals so they can replicate them in drugs with specific targets, and not wanting to truly understand the synergistic effects of all the molecules and every single plant oil.

We will discuss in this series, coming up is-

  • why components of essential oils are most helpful,

  • why there is such a strong turpentine flavor to many oils when consumed orally,

  • how to know if you’re allergic (it’s VERY RARE), how oils are used in cancer treatment,

  • inflammation problem, infections, pain, emotional wellness and health,

  • really INTERESTING usages that go beyond my typical recommendations (like suppositories),

  • oil compounds you should stay away from (only present in very specific kinds of oils and what those species of plants are),

  • singles are good, BLENDS are the best, find out why,

….and a lot more.

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