ACV for Lyme Biofilm Busting…and a lot more!

Vinegar is general is not typically in foods I’m attracted too.  Sometimes just taking a swig of it seems so counterproductive….which is far from the real health truth of vinegar.

Vinegar and Lyme biofilms

Vinegar and Lyme biofilms

Vinegar has been around for ages and has been used as health tonic for quite some time.  The health claims that have been made related to the use of vinegar includes everything from weight loss to blood sugar balancing (supposedly effective against diabetes).

The claims backed up by research –

  • It’s fermented and contains acetic acid (although too much acetic acid is not a good thing). Unfiltered AVC (like Bragg’s) has probiotics and enzymes and protein. One should opt for UNFILTERED.
  • Acetic acid can be used as a natural antibiotic. Vinegar in general can kill pathogens like crazy. In fact, if you get food poisoning, start drinking immediately vinegar and your troubles will go away soon after you vomit a few times.  It can clean wounds and preserves foods. I do love me some pickles!
  • It can lower blood sugar naturally. It improves insulin sensitivity and can significantly reduce blood sugar responses.
  • It can help you lose weight– PROVEN.  Take it after high carb meals can increase fullness and make you not eat as much. But because it helps the blood sugar balance, that’s also a method of decreasing weight by improving how your system operates.
  • Heart Health- It can lower triglyceride levels. It contains a type of acid that protects LDL cholesterol particles from being oxidized ( a big part of how heart health deteriorates).
  • Can protect you against cancers-  There are actual studies out there that how vinegar killing cancer cells and shrinking tumors. These studies used rice vinegar.

Here are some useful overall benefits for those battling Lyme-

  • It lowers body pH, making you more alkaline. Being more alkaline does help (just remember it’s about pH balance, not just staying insanely alkaline (which can also create health problems if a person’s pH is super alkaline for a really long time, we were meant to be balanced)).
  • It can help you detox; especially in the liver.
  • It can help you get rid of CANDIDA.
  • It’s good for the Lymphatic System and is breaks down mucus.
  • It can help you kill pathogens.
  • It can bust films, but the research done on this is with Rice Vinegar, not ACV.


What’s the deal with Biofilms?

Bacteria try to survive in a structure these bastards build themselves.  It’s a sticky film that is make to ensure they survive.  It can be in the gut, it can be in the blood and it can be in certain body organs….it’s even in your mouth because there can be 300 different kinds of bacteria in your mouth at any given time…creating film…that turns into dental plaque and gingivitis.  I’m truly sorry if I spoiled a hot date for you this evening by mentioning that.  Knowing that should make anyone adhere to a better oral hygiene routine, it DOES help you recover from Lyme quicker. 

What are some best uses for vinegar if you’re sick with Lyme-

  • Take 1 tsp between meals on an empty stomach with your Lyme oils. Feel the Lyme culling begin!
  • Take 1 tsp in water FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. Kill what’ s in your gut, kill some dental films, tone your GI tract, strengthen your immune system, get to detoxing better, quell any high blood pressure, improve stamina and probably some other stuff I fail to mention. Clients of mine have a protocol that varies for each person that begins with what to do BEFORE breakfast. It does matter.


Rice Vinegar or ACV?


Vinegar and Lyme biofilm busting

Vinegar and Lyme biofilm busting

It’s your call. I personally don’t know enough of the difference. Rice vinegar has some really good studies, but that’s because a lot of these studies are done by Asians….who eat rice vinegar!

ACV is well known here and it does have serious health properties for improving the GUT that are undeniable….plus, Patricia Bragg is a real character! She makes the most popular organic ACV and she looks and dresses in real life (with all of her colors and neck, hat and wrist bobbles) just like the picture of herself on the label! She’s a fun, smart lady to talk too!