I’m in the baby making stage of my life. I’m a REAL late bloomer. Most of my friends have their newly created posses of drooling mini-me’s.  I’m a godmother and aunt…soon to be mom (at some point in the near future).

Gosh where do you start on this?  I guess it was on Facebook about a month ago. I had a good friend of mine (and proud parent ) write something under a post from someone else about how vaccines are good for everyone. She wrote, “We should share this to all of those stupid anti-vaxers.”

Usually I write some pretty good quips, but was it even worth it? Not really. One of my best friends was so obsessed with having a healthy baby (she had a late term miscarriage half way through her first pregnancy- it was truly awful) that she made her mother get vaccinated before handling the second baby. I understand.  I don’t agree, but I understand. I should also note that at 3 months of age, I took notice of her crying A LOT and completely unable to hold a gaze. Her eyes bounced around like she could not focus on a single object.  This behavior was pretty much the opposite of the babies I’ve held who were not vaccinated.  The nuances may be hard to even recognize since most people think babies crying a lot is normal and the same with subtle delays.   It was a little late for me to say anything and luckily her daughter (age 3 now) was able to overcome “whatever” it was.  Was it vaccinations?  Her daughter was vaccinated under the current schedule of the CDC (which is a lot, take a look below). 

Since I’ve seen babies that were vaccinated and babies that weren’t, I have seen the “eyes bouncing” too much on babies that are vaccinated and unfortunately a few that had learning disabilities (one autism diagnosis). Is there a correlation?  I personally believe so.  It could be the chemicals inside the mother’s body, but since you add even more with vaccinations to the babies and to mothers, it’s like toxic soup. 

So let’s talk about THE STATS most people don’t know about and WHO MAKES THE MONEY.

First read these facts. These are not the things ANY of your pediatricians OR OBGYNs will mention.

  • Number of studies showing vaccine-autism link: 97
  • Rate of autism in the 1980s: 1 in 10,000
  • Rate of autism today: 1 in 68
  • Projected rate of autism in 2025: 1 in 2
  • Total cost of care for kids with autism in the U.S.: $2,4000,000,000,000 (Yes, that’s dollars)
  • Number of doses recommended by age six per the CDC vaccine schedule 1971-1988: 23
  • Number of doses recommended by age six per the CURRENT CDC vaccine schedule: 49
  • Number of doses recommended for two-month old: 8
  • Amount of aluminium in the seven doses at the two month checkup: 1000mcg
  • Max allowable aluminum per day for intravenous parenteral feeding for a health 8lb baby: 18.16mcg
  • Number of studies proving safetly of aluminum into human infants: 0
  • Amount of mercury in liquid waste considered toxinc by EPA: 200ppb
  • Amount of mercury in “thimerosal-free” vaccines: 2000ppb
  • Amount of mercury in single-dose and in some infant flu shots: 25,000ppb
  • Amount of mercury in multi-dose vaccines, given to pregnant women: 50,000ppb (I’ve fired 3 OBGYNS so far because they were telling me it’s safe and I didn’t feel like fighting them in the future).
  • Number of current studies showing vaccines proven safe: 0
  • Number of current studies showing vaccines proven effective: 0
  • Reports from U.S.to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) of death after vaccination: 3,974
  • Reports from U.S.to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) of hospitilizations after vaccinations: 28,835
  • Reports from U.S.to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) of ER visits after vaccinations: 165,385
  • Number of adverse reactions to vaccines since 1990 if only 1 percent reported (which is a lot like how Lyme is not reported): over 35,000,000
  • Revenue to Merck from Gardasil vaccine in 2014: $1,7000,000,000
  • Number of serious adverse events reported to VAERS from Gardisil vaccine: 5,418
  • Rate of vaccine-exempt children in schools: 1.8 percent
  • Income from vaccines, 2013: $24,000,000,000
  • Projected income from vaccines 2015: $100,000,000,000
  • Amount Bill Gates donated to Australia and Germany for their vaccine programs: $50,000,000

Now since someone BLASTED me about my last newsletter (who worked in the pasteurized dairy world) for not including my fact references, you can go here to get them from West Price Foundation who has collected all of the facts seen above AND MORE and are fully referenced.  When I write, I should really include more references, but a lot of time my information comes from personal thoughts, EXPERIENCES and factual information. When I write, I do so very quickly. If I did not, I would never write about anything, because I just wouldn’t have the time. I will try to do better though in the future.   That way, people who think I just make stuff up, will see that I don’t.

Viruses can improve a child’s immune system.

I’ve written before how gut microbiomes in 3rd world countries make kids WAY more healthy and more resistant to illness. If our children in the US had to live in these countries, they would surely die without medicine.  Part of the reason is our obsession with hand sanitizer (which helps create super bugs) and making sure our kids don’t eat dirt.  The truth is, exposure is good and it’s healthy.  Part of the woman’s letter to me about raw milk was that it could possibility contain bacteria and that we could get Lyme from drinking it. My feelings is that if you feel you could get sick this way, then you better not have sex, better not tongue kiss anyone, better not get pregnant while you’ve got Lyme, better not ever go outside because you could get bitten by a tick or mosquito etc. etc. etc.   The lack of nutrition IS an issue when dealing with chronic illness.  I guess you just have to weigh the risks and for me, it’s pretty obvious that going to a less processed environment (including food) can help you recover faster.

Get The Flu Shot and Get The Flu Each Year

Lyme Vaccination Debate

Vaccination Debate

I have a friend who works for a government health clinic and she has to get vaccinated with a flu shot each year and each year she gets the FLU (wicked sick to be honest).  There are too many mutations and the truth is vaccine technology could never keep up to what’s forming out there. EVER.  I haven’t been vaccinated since I got sick with Lyme and I haven’t had the flu in 9 years, even when everyone around me is getting sick.  Even if I did get sick, I would welcome it because VIRUSES build your immune system.  Did you see the Southpark episode where all of the parents were trying to make sure their kids got the measles? It’s entertaining, but it’s understood. My parents did the same.

When I got sick with Lyme do you think Measles came up on my body scans?  Nope. But the last two vaccines I got right before I went to Bolivia to train for the 2004 Olympic Trails did.

Even more damning really is who the CDC is.

Did you know they are registered as a PRIVATE FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION and their recommendations are not even science-based?  IT’s fear based.  Any new mom will know exactly what I’m saying there. You are verbally assaulted if you ask questions about the safety of vaccines…the answer is always the same, “it’s safe.”

Guess who else is FOR-PROFIT?   The American Academy of Pediatrics and state public health institutions. Did you know that physicians get more money for each “fully” vaccinated child?  Physicians who are intentionally misinformed by the CDC and Big Pharma, cannot be sued for vaccine injuries…but yet, they are paid higher reimbursement rates for fully vaccinated children.

You have to see that this revolves around profit and not science.  Even vaccines and how they are supposed to help has not been proven. That’s what is really scary to me. I understand that IF vaccines really did work (let’s say they were 100% legit), you still have the issue of chemicals, preservatives and toxicity issues associated with them. Why hasn’t anyone found a better solution? I’m sure it exists if vaccines were truly what they are represented as.

A better idea would just let a sick person with a particular illness, stick their tongue into the mouth of a healthy person and that person just be ready for a short immune system response. There. Boom. Vaccinated.  

I do know people who are leaving California because of the new law requiring children to be vaccinated and I would do the same.  Anyway you look at the vaccines, it’s still potentially good for the masses and POTENTIALLY fatal for your child. You can’t blame parents saying, “NO.”  It should be everyone’s right to decide, especially since we have a real epidemic here of sick people and SICK kids.  

Too much profit.   Too many people getting sick.    Too much FEAR based force being put on people.    Not enough science.

What about Disneyland?

In Feb 2014 outbreak and 136 measles started in Disneyland.  Media freaked out.

The incidence  was completely unrelated to a school vaccine exempted law. It started at an amusement park, it originated form overseas, it never spread in CA let alone the US. The last 2 years in California coverage rate for measures vaccination increased to 96.2 percent, while philosophical exemption rate fell by 19%.  Obviously raising vaccine coverage and declining exemptions DID NOT CAUSE this.

For those who say a vaccinated child is dangerous, they are usually the ones who are healthy enough NOT to get sick.  

It’s all about the immune system. I wish we could just focus on that.