The Many Uses of Essential Oils

Many of  you have discovered the wonderful effects of using essential oils in your Lyme recovery.  While there are many uses outside the health arena, I’ll discuss some tips and best practices with the Lyme Oil Series from The Tick Slayer.  If you don’t have these oils and have some others you use for your Lyme recovery, feel free to follow along!

Some important facts about the power and the sheer intensity of oils-

  • 1 lb of dried herb is what you get in roughly 1 drop of essential oil
  • there are roughly 200 components seen in a gas chromatograph of any particular essential oil- these components are all of the special substances that a plant produces to fight off invaders, infection and bugs
  • oils that are energetically enhanced (like the ones on The Tick Slayer) can have an energy radius that measures over 50 feet, while ones that are enhanced have a radius of around 3 feet (which is still amazing)

Using Oils Externally

Essential oils can be used externally. Some people have to be careful about their reaction to specific oils since oils are carrying a highly concentrated version of the plant from whence they came from.  To test an oil, you can put a drop on a band aide and wear it over night. See if your skin has any kind of response; if so, then taking that oil internally is probably not a good idea unless it’s cut with another oil (for example, 1 drop of oil to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil).

This is not a completely accurate process as oils like oregano will cause a skin disturbance for just about anyone (because it’s such a hot oil). But generally speaking, this is a good way to find out if you are compatible orally with an oil.

People who are super sick are usually very reactive to everything, so essential oils are just another cause for concern and severe reaction, even though the oil is not hurting you, they are very energetically powerful and some people just cannot stomach them.

Essential Oils and Lyme Disease

Essential Oils and Lyme Disease

For people who are super sensitive ( or super sick), you can still get the benefits of the oils without taking them internally. 

Take the oil and rub your hands together with a few drops. Then do the same with your feet.  Your hands and feet have many energetic points for the entire body (and oils do get absorbed).
Get a nebulizer and place a few drops inside. As the mist comes up, inhale it. This is one of the quickest ways to get oils across the blood brain barrier to defeat bacteria that is living inside your brain.  Have liver problems? You can rub a few drops of the oil right on top of the liver.

What about oral pathology?

The Tick Slayer Lyme Oil Series is even good for busting biofilms in the mouth and the mouth is filled with biofilms!  If you’re about to get dental surgery, take a drop of each oil and swish your mouth right after surgery. Continue to do this until you cavitations are totally healed.

What about waking up in the morning?  Did you know that you wake up with a lot of bad stuff in your mouth?  People who drink some water are basically washing down that bacteria into the gut…creating a long cycle of endless bacteria getting into the body.  A better option is to swish and spit with the oils or leave a glass of water with a few drops of each oil, consume it first thing in the morning. Whatever you do swallow, you’re killing it with the oils before your body has to process it.

You can even use the series with your toothbrush. By brushing with any of these oils, you’re killing a host of plaque and cavity forming bacteria!

Best practice for internal use

You can add these oils to ANY Lyme protocol you’re following. The only warning is that it may make your antibiotics work better and by making them work better and also adding an oil that works as an antibiotic, it may be more than your body can handle. So you must go slow to figure out what is working for you.

If you have stubborn infection and are ready for a super kill, then these oils are your BEST BET.

Oils can be cut with other oils like sesame, avocado, olive oil or coconut oil. It takes the heat out and prevents anyone any digestion issues. I’ve read that the other oil acts as a carrier of sorts as well, thus making the essential oil more bio available (I’m unsure how true this is).

Aloe Concentrate Best QualityThe basic idea with cutting oils is- your drops of essential oils go into 1 tbs of cutting oil.

You may also take oils with WATER, VINEGAR or Fermented Plant Enzymes.  Another good method is taking them with a highly enriched aloe concentrate like the one here.  AloeQuench is a phenomenal product for those who need enzymes and have stomach ailments.

Taking oils on an empty stomach and with enzymes like RESPOND and SERRAPEPTASE is also a best approach.

Oils go right into the blood and the enzymes work directly on the blood as well, eating debri and dead organic material (like die-off).

People from all kinds of illnesses (not just Lyme) have reported really amazing results using the Lyme series, because it can clean up all kinds of yeast, bacteria, mold, viruses and fungus.  I now use them in my plans for every one of my clients…they are that good.  Nowhere will you find a better group of energetically charged essential oils in such a combination that can clean you out as well The Tick Slayer’s Lyme Oil Series.


The oils that are in any products on The Tick Slayer are the highest quality you can get.   I do know that there is a huge difference in oil quality among vendors, something everyone should pay close attention too.  Some oils are very poor quality and if you’ve used them long enough and used oils from many different vendors, you come to know who the best vendors are! These oils are as good as single oils from Young Living, but without the MLM price.

Don’t take my word for it…..

“Thank you Perry Fields for putting this very comprehensive and complex essential oil package together for people who are struggling with Lyme and all the cousins and relatives (co-infections, mold, fungus, parasites) that come with. This is a treatment that stands apart from many others and is an essential part of my treatment program. I have gone

through an entire set and am ready to order my second set. I am taking high dosages 3-4 times a day, along with Thieves and the Calming, Grounding and Balance essential oils. My only suggestion is to offer these in one oz. bottles for those who have severe cases and will need more time to get well. Keep up the good work, Perry!”

“After 15 days on the new blended oil series I can definitely say they’re working! I use multiple modalities to deal with multiple infections, and these essentials pick up where the ozone/Rife/natural abx leave off. Much more powerful than Thieves alone, stubborn pathogens seem to “dissolve” with less dosage. I also started using certain oils in a quality diffuser to assist with sinus issues. Can’t say enough about them…great addition!”

“I think it is a wonderful product!! Problem is I can’t get past taking the first bottle 3-4 drops 2x day for 4 days without get Severe head aches and body aches. I’ll try again in a week.”

“I bought all 6 oils. I think they are amazing! I feel it working in my head and throughout my body.”

“Amazing stuff! I can feel it working! Thanks so much!!”

“I buy these oils for my son. He is taking all the oils in the series. Just this morning he,stated he can see a difference in his memory and in his brain in general. He takes them two to three times a day and is very committed to this program. Thanks Perry for your commitment to pure excellence in these oils.”

“This oil is working. I know because I’ve been herxing and only on 4 drops twice a day!”

“My son has really bad mold problems and totally counts on this oil for relief. His head is less stuffy and his mind more clear.”

I love this product. I got immediate relief from a cold that was hanging on for weeks. Thank you!

“I have bought the lyme three along with the other oils for my son who has lyme and mold problems. He consistently asks me to buy more as he has changes after each round of oils. He is on is third round and has more energy and clarity. Thanks for the excellent products.”

Thanks to everyone who left quality feedback about the use of these products!