Review of “12 Essential Oils that WIPE OUT Disease-Causing Bacteria, Molds and Viruses,”

by Carolyn DeMarco, MD. 

Best Essential Oils for Lyme Disease

Best Essential Oils for Lyme Disease

Well it’s not really new news that germs are a major cause of cancer, that germs contribute to heart disease, that germs may make us fat, and they are absolutely everywhere.  I think what isn’t really well known is really the power of essential oils killing infectious disease in general…no matter if it’s a viral, bacterial or fungal.

I recently read a copy of Dr. DeMarco’s short read about the power of essential oils and wanted to share some of her quotes in this literature, along with facts and stats.  She has been a primary care physician for over 25 years and has written a number of books.

You may know about the story of how the Four Thieves started during the bubonic plague that wiped out 1 in 3 people that it reached.  The “four thieves vinegar” was a mixture of vinegar and essential oils. That’s it.  It kept the people alive who knew about it.  It’s too bad more people didn’t know of it.

Here are the juicy bits I pulled for you-

“In just one year, 438,000 liver cancer deaths were directly attributable to Hep C and Hep B virus infection.” World Health Organization

H. pylori is now accepted as a cause of stomach cancer.” – Professor, Nicholas Wald

Airborne spores or micelia are causing illness through allergic or toxic mechanisms.” -Robert Dale, University of Ottawa

Heating and cooling systems in large buildings typically contain 30-70 colonies per cubic meter of Pseudomonas and 80-130 colonies of Staphylococcus bacteria.”

“In 1999 tests showed 530 of the 604 apartments in San Francisco, CA, had mold, including 287 with “toxigenic” fungus, which emits toxic byproducts.”  (Ouch.)

“British surgeon Joseph Lister, the father of modern antiseptics, was the first to disinfect surgical rooms with eucalyptus oil vapors to stop deaths from infection.” Hence, Listerine antiseptic, which is named after Lister, contains components of essential oils eucalyptus, wintergreen, thyme and peppermint.
Jean Valnet, MD, used essential oils for decades in his clinical practice stating, “Essential oils are especially valuable as antiseptics because of their aggression toward microbial germs is matched by their total harmless toward tissue.”

“In 1987, in one of the most comprehensive studies conducted, scientist in Scotland identified the most powerful antibacterial essentials oils- thyme, cinnamon, clove and geranium.”  And guess what?  They, along with MANY other powerful essential oils, are in the Lyme Oils on The Tick Slayer.

“Cinnamon, thyme and clove essential oils killed 92% of 25 different gram negative and positive bacterial strains, according to research published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.”

Essential oils of cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, geranium and thyme were equal or SUPERIOR to the powerful anti-fungal drug, Hexaconazole.”  In a vitro efficacy study of 75 essential oils against Aspergillus niger, Cinnamon Bark oil and Cassia oil were rated at 47 and 43 for antifungal activity, while Hexaconazole was scored at 23.

The essential oil of cinnamon at .04% concentration completely stopped the growth of 35 different fungi.”

Clove oil reduced Candida infection in test subjects by 75% after 8 days, closely equivalent to Nystatin.   While this is awesome, remind yourself that this is only 1 oil in comparison to Nystatin, not the plethora of different oils you get in a blend to fight fungal infection like #1 Parasite/Fungus, # 2 Fungus/Parasite and # 3 Lyme/Fungus oils.

“Clove oil and it’s primary constituent eugenol, kills more than 60 types of bacteria, 15 strains of fungi and several viruses.”  …..including Herpes virus 1 and 2.

“There was no evidence of the development of bacterial resistance to the antimicrobial activity of essential oils or the emergence of opportunistic pathogens.” – Christine Charles, PhD, American Journal of Dentistry

“A 1999 Journal of Clinical Periodontology study that a mouth rinse with essential oils of thyme, peppermint, wintergreen and eucalyptus oils was more effective in improving oral health than a fluoride-based antiseptic.”

Resistance of H.pylori to lemongrass did not develop even after 10 sequential passages, whereas resistance to clarithromycin developed under the same conditions.” – T. Ohno, PhD, Kyoto University of Medicine, Japan

“Consuming very small amounts of essential oils can attack infection from H. pylori, a common case of stomach ulcers and even heart disease and cancer.”

“Tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and thyme essential oils showed the strongest killing power against MRSA and VRE antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to studies at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, UK.”

Final Thoughts

It’s apparent that essential oils have enough potent constituents that they can rival (if not beat) antibiotics at killing infection, because of the number of compounds found in each type of oil.  Remember that essential oils are created by taking the ENTIRE PLANT in most cases to make an oil, so there are many compounds that are found in the leaves, stems, roots, etc.  And most oils can be taken quite safely, certainly not creating the negative side effects that drugs typical do, by causing liver toxicity, joint damage, etc., depending on the type of drug.Since I’ve had to study DENTAL CARIES research (there are tens of thousands of studies on what can prevent dental cavities and heal gums) due to a dental powder that I’m making for retail.  I was quite shocked at the use of essential oils and how they outperform almost any other substance in healing gum tissues and preventing oral pathology from forming.  Here is some of the research I pulled, if you’re interested.

I think people who have been taking long term antibiotics are putting themselves at high risk for sick building syndrome, which is something I experience when I had Lyme disease and took my first 3 weeks of antibiotics (and subsequently my only 3 weeks).

I’m obviously a very big fan of oils now that I’ve seen them do such a great job with clients at clearing infection and realize the trend is growing. While it’s good to take single oils, I really don’t believe that they have the power of blends, only because the blends are bringing a much more overwhelmingly large group of compounds that have been harvested from every single plant from which they are derived.  SO while one plant may bring 250 different infection killing compounds, a blend with 7 oils would potentially bring a person 1750 compounds. Most of that depends on each plant and the original amount of compounds found in a specific plant.

That is probably the most amazing part is the shear number of compounds that can go in and start killing all kinds of infection.

Let’s face it,  Lyme disease patients don’t just typically have “Lyme” or just “Bb.”  They have multiple viruses, fungal issues, mold issues and different types of bacteria, some completely unrelated to Lyme disease.

In conclusion, making essential oils part of your recovery program is not only smart, but could save you a lot of frustration with just a solely conventional approach to your recovery and could shave a lot of time off of a recovery.

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