The Parasite Cleansing Scoop

I do my own parasite cleanse once a year. I really should do it twice a year, everyone should.  Even when you think you wouldn’t need to do it (saying things like “I haven’t traveled outside this country”), you will still have GI worms that come out from the cleanse.  It’s gross, but it happens to the best of us, so no need to feel weird about popping worms (better OUT then IN).

This present cleanse, now on my 8th day, is producing some “white rice.” These are usually pin worms. So if you see things that look like sesame seeds and you haven’t eaten sesame seeds, then you are seeing worms.  Another common thing to see, (usually the size of your basic soil worm) is a flesh colored string-looking worm that when is eliminated, seems wrapped around your fecal matter.  I haven’t seen anything major yet and I surely haven’t felt it either.

Have you eaten breakfast yet before reading this?  I should of warned you first.























The first parasite cleanse I ever did is outlined in The Tick Slayer. The truth is, I had a wicked bad case of the bugs and my first cleanse almost sent me to the ER. Parasite cleanses are so dang good that I have to wonder about their effect on actual bacteria (yes, like Lyme). My personal feelings is that you either WIN by doing a parasite cleanse because it 1) gets rid of the bigger, more fuller issue of having a lifetime of worms in you 2) the anti-microbials in the cleanse are actually effective against LYME. So you may want to go real slow if you have chronic Lyme and have not done a parasite cleanse…because the HERX will be a real problem (see the detox items in this website and make sure you are PREPARED to mop them up!).

Even if you have taken antibiotics for a long time, it doesn’t matter. ABX is not designed to kill all the types of worms that most people have; plus, why not kill using natural methods that don’t cause side-effects? As long as you are not allergic to anything in the ingredients, you can take these items safely.  Most people are NOT allergic to cloves (for example)…it’s not like being sensitive to GLUTEN or having a peanut allergy.

Below is what my parasite cleanse entails.  It’s also very anti-bacterial. I would do this before I commenced Lyme treatment (you know, the standard DRUG bomb).   My only last thoughts on this cleanse is that everyone should add IODINE to their cleanse.  Here’s the reason why.

Go to pond in an agricultural field (where livestock is present), then collect the water in a clear bottle, take a good look at what’s floating around (wiggling is probably a better term), then place two drops of  Nascent Iodine in the bottle and observe.  IODINE is a major anti-microbial. It’s effectiveness, I believe, would rival ANY drug on the market use for Lyme disease. So adding a few drops to your water each day, is making for a more thorough parasite detox.

Other TIPS:

1) Drink plenty of water and make sure you are taking medical grade electrolytes (so that waste removal happens easier with less burden on your body).

2) Make sure you’re defecating 4-5 times a day, if you cannot go on  your own, take CleanTract to ENSURE you do so.

3) For those who have fungal issues, you can take CandidaPURGE at the same time. It works on fungus and bugs.

4) Taking Fermented Enzymes with your liquid “killers” ensures that the killers get to their destination in a very speedy way, plus it oxygenates your blood, so that it provides a good blood cleansing for parasite removal and fibrin removal.   I just put my enzymes in a shot glass, then place my drops of my iodine and other liquids in this program into the glass and then shoot it down!

Parasite Protocol Items are here.

Happy Cleaning!