The low down on CBD oil and THC for healing from Lyme disease.

Cannabis for Lyme Disease
I had a bad injury that happened about 6 weeks ago.  I broke two of my middle toes on my cat in the middle of the night. He had his “car” parked in the middle of the bedroom and I kicked him hard!

After 6 weeks of SLOW healing, I decided to try something that I “approve” for my clients to take. CBD oil. CBD is short for cannabidiol, that has significant medical benefits, but doesn’t make people “stoned;” that’s THC.  CBD is not a psychoactive drug.

Colorado has been making a lot of national news because of it’s MJ (short for marijuana) deregulation. I wrote before about this topic, but there is so much to cover about it!

Many families with children who have cancer, epilepsy and other neuromuscular conditions move here also.  They move here because MJ is a real medical alternative.


So where does all the MJ hype go when it comes to using it for Lyme disease?

Part of the PAIN issue associated with Lyme is the degenerative condition…it can degenerate your nervous system. Some people with Lyme have excruciating intramuscular pain and this is where it can help.  But just to make sure you know, it does not CURE LYME.  In my opinion, it can however, be a wonderful supportive therapy.

What’s worst? OxyContin® or CBD/THC?

Well that’s a no brainer.  Pain with Lyme should be temporary unless you’re having a very slow recovery OR you’re not recovering at all.  Pain meds are literally doled out like halloween candy at a corn maize.  One of the latest articles I’ve read was about a 14 year old who broke his arm and then got OxyContin®….seriously?

Pain med addiction is SERIOUS, in fact some of you reading this may have it already.  The problem with pain medication is that it shuts off the part of the brain that perceives pain…but it does not heal anything!

CBD/THC does help heal. THC is the physochative part of the cannabis plant.  The body actually makes cannabinoid chemicals and we have certain receptors sites in our brain for the stuff. THC attaches to those.

THC stimulates the release of dopamine.  Many people who have neurotransmitter imbalances WILL have low dopamine; however, this is 1 of the 4 neurotransmitters that need to focus on (they are GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine). There are obviously MORE than this, but these are the MAJOR ones that need to be balanced and define people by personality types.

THC and CBD can increase immune cells, like white blood cells, in a clinically significant way.  So it helps change the perception of pain in the brain, BUT it provides real healing.

CBD oil for Lyme DiseaseDepressed?

Part of healing is dealing with depression that comes with illness, not only the pain issue. Yes, you can also get on meds for depression, but can these meds help with balancing your neurotransmitter?..the real culprit of depression.  NO, they can’t.

But THC can.  THC, again is a “psychoactive drug” so while it calms and mellows a person, it turns down the “chatter” in the brain.

I personally think part of depression is the negative chatter people have going on inside their minds, some have no real idea of what that subconscious mind is chatting about, while others do.

The other issue is that THC can give you a REALLY good night’s sleep, which means if you can get to bed, let’s say at 8pm every night and get up at 6am rested…..then you are starting to balance your circadian rhythms, which is one of the reasons WHY people are exhausted and their adrenals are BURNED out!

I Must Be A Hippie, Right?

No, not at all.  I’m the daughter of a retired Colonel and I went to West Point (and was also accepted to the Naval Academy).  While I was perfect for West Point, West Point wasn’t perfect for me; however, I’m a pretty conservative person.

Cannabis for Lyme Disease

I grew up in the 80s with a dad who disappeared for weekends and sometimes weekdays…to go on Reagan’s secret drug war missions in South America.  He was also an FBI agent in Miami, during the “Scarface area” on their undercover drug force task. I wasn’t born quite yet.

I think drugs are bad news. I’m in total agreement there, but I also think my dad’s INTENSE PTSD would do VERY well with edible treatment.  He can’t turn the chatter off. In fact, if he had 20 TVs he’d try to watch them all at the same time, while he read the Wall Street and would trade stocks at the same time.  He thinks veterans who use MJ are the same as the soldiers who smoked it in Vietnam (giving away their position, putting other lives at risk, getting them shot at and killed, etc.).  He’s too old to change his mind on MJ unfortunately.

My overall thoughts on the morality of CBD/THC are:

  1. First, you cannot deny the help people get from it. It’s literally a miracle treatment and people bring their sick kids here for a reason.
  2. Secondly, you can make drastic comparisons to what the OTHER medical option out there for your condition and it ain’t pretty.
  3. Thirdly, from what I gather from just examining everyone in my presence for 37 years of life, almost everyone is addicted to something.

Here’s a partial list addictions:
Sex -(Unfortunately, these are the people who pay to have sex with humans who are trafficked.)
Alcohol – Everyone has someone who is in their family.  Increase that likelihood by 100% in you’re Irish.
Food– That’s an easy one.
Taking risks– Dopamine dominant people like danger.
Drugs– Street drugs.
Drugs– The kind your doctor prescribes.
Porn– It’s a slippery slope downhill, see SEX one above.
Cutting– It’s a weird thing to me, but yes it’s a form of emotional release that many people, including kids, take part in. Ouch.
Men– Some women are literally addicted to the attention they get from men.
Women– Some men constantly look for women they can beat/abuse/belittle.
Cellphones– Enough said on that, just look around.

I personally feel like people who are addicted to something, have “addictive” personalities in general and that means people can ABUSE ANYTHING. That’s the real meat of it.

The MJ Industry In A Nutshell

I think the legalization probably was motivated by profits, BUT I also think that it was decided because of the legitimacy of people’s health problems and that there is no real solution in most of western medicine. It’s also the reason why people are doing more alternative type health care.  You cannot deny the effectiveness of treating the whole body and approaching people’s health in that way.  If you can take a treatment that doesn’t not cause negative side effects, than you’re winning…every time.  Medicine does not have to be bucthery like it was during the Jack the Ripper era, right before the turn of the century. A lot has happened in the last 100 years in medicine and MJ is just another improvement.

What needs to be enforced is actually the THC and CBD content in product. Right now, it’s usually under the value of what you’re getting in almost all cases!  The danger in that is someone switches brands and thinks they have to take the same amount and this new brand has the exact amount of THC/CBD stated and someone goes to the hospital.

It needs to be enforced by the FDA or at least some governing body that gets set up to take this on.  The governing body for Colorado is the state’s Dept of Revenue!  I kid you not.  I’m not big on the FDA, because they are SO antiquated on so many issues involving FOOD and SUPPLEMENTS…like dinosaurs.  BUT SOME TYPE OF FDA-type-BRANCH should open in MJ states to govern it and keep people honest.

How I use it

I think when people think of marijuana they think of the 420 Festival in Denver.  It depicts the type of people, most people associate with MJ, aka- ‘the losers.”  The white guy with the reggae shirt and the black guy smoking a blunt, neither do any meaningful work and it’s all about getting HIGH and listening to Wu Tang.

Yes, there are plenty of people who like to get high.  What you don’t see is the business professional at the end of a hard day, eating an edible and drinking a glass of wine, while he makes dinner….someone who would never go the 420 Festival.

You won’t find me at the 420 Festival either. I have too much work to do and too many things I’m trying to accomplish.  It’s not really my crowd either.  However, I will go to the MJ shop when I stress so much I can’t sleep at night OR when I break my toes and I want CBD oil, etc. (i.e. RARE OCCASIONS, but ones that MJ prove a viable solution for.)

100mg (cut into 5 mg servings), lasts me  2-3 months. There are “stoners” who would eat that in one night.

My mother, who is 70, came to visit me here and I took her to the recreational marijuana place. She commented on how everyone looked normal.  That’s because when you go to these shops, you see a slice of the population; not what you would think.

As I stated above, people can abuse anything. People who are “lazy” have a personality trait that makes them so. It’s not that MJ makes anyone lazy and useless, that’s a very bad perception and is quite untrue.

Could it be a stepping stone drug?  Yes.  Right now we have people whose doctors won’t give them anymore Oxycontin, who have been addicted to opioidd with ONE prescription and they go right to heroine!   That’s why police now carry around with them a solution that neutralizes heroine (it looks like an epi pen).  They are required by law to carry it.

Do I think MJ has that kind of abuse power?  No.  From what I understand, the HIGH from opioids takes you out of the Milky Way, while MJ just takes you to, perhaps, the moon...but not even the moon if you’re on about 5 mg!   It’s like taking you to the edge of the atmosphere and then tucking you into your cozy bed for a perfect 8 hrs of sleep.

Would I ever try any other drugs? I’m just not interested, just like MOST of the people who use MJ for medical reasons.

What if you don’t live in a MJ state?

If you have neuromuscular pain that is so bad you just can’t rest, then you can get over to a state that approves it.  The idea behind painkillers is to give your body rest and to improve your quality of life.  But pain is usually inflammation, so that has to be treated quickly and very, very THOROUGHLY.   While that’s being addressed, CBD oil and THC could be used to improve the quality of your life and also promote healing.

I personally think most states will follow suit, but I don’t know at this point. You cannot buy it from Colorado or other MJ legal states and have it shipped, you have to be physically IN that state!

What I would do if I lived somewhere else and had excruciating pain, would be to come to Colorado for “vacation,” and be out in nature (we have amazing places to hike and bike, retreats, etc.).   I would focus on my healing in nature, out in the sun each day, taking my supplements (etc.) and taking MJ (CBD oil/THC) when it was needed and using it as part of my treatment…so I could go back home and on to the next section of my full recovery!


If you do come here, these are my suggestions:

Don’t smoke it– Smoke inhalation is just not a good idea. You cannot measure how much you take.
Edible forms are EASY–  THC in 5mg to relax, more if you’re in pain.  You have to wait for this to kick in ( 30 mins to 2 hrs for some).
CBD oil/creme– Some of this stuff is totally AMAZING. Just ask me more, I’m using it on my toes.
THC/CBD Bath Salts– I just took a 10mg bath to test it out. It worked great!  My muscles are way more loose and I strained my shoulders doing presses at the gym earlier. I had a seriously OMG moment, the morning after I took my first bath!

CBD oil is best for neuromuscular issues, but I’ve read that paired with THC, it’s even more potent!

I’m a proponent of MJ, mostly as an alternative therapy to some VERY bad conventional medical practices.  It gives people probably the most important thing- CHOICE. That’s something we could all use when it comes to getting well and taking care of our bodies.


Comments To Our Email-

Chronic neuro Lyme here.. Dx after 8yrs.. Took 3 weeks of doxy and never again.. Decided to go all natural.. diet, detox, supplements, juice cleanses, mold, parasites, amalgams ..etc etc etc..(as you know ) and Bryan Wilsons formulas .. only thing that has worked and I’m in remission high thc..FECO.. (Fully extract Cannabis Oil diluted with coconut oil … It’s a slow process and must be done along with plenty of detox ..but it works ..

High thc kills all kinds cancer ..its been proven .. And it also kills Lyme .. cbd is helpful for pain and relax.. A combination of both.. But much higher on thc ..