Stevia for lyme diseaseStevia to Kill Lyme Disease?

One of the biggest problems with Lyme disease, is that it’s stubborn.  Many people experience a “relapse” after they discontinue antibiotics.  I personally didn’t use antibiotics to heal and I think that while the medical world doesn’t know why the relapse happens, I believe it happens because you create super-bugs when you take antibiotics and then simultaneously beat your immune system down, so that you actually become MORE dependent on antibiotics to keep infection from constantly progressing, with your immune system getting weaker and weaker.  When you get OFF drugs, your body cannot do anything for itself.

But this post is not about my overall thoughts on killing infection, but whether or not STEVIA is a real consideration for the use in Lyme disease.

I personally never used STEVIA either, but there have been some interesting articles on it lately.  In 2015, there was a study on using the whole leaf extract (which is what STEVIA sweeteners usually are) and it was evaluated for persistent spirochetes that create biofims in vitro.  Stevia was used WITH antibiotics like doxy, cefo, daptomycin, etc. When stevia was tested (with antibiotics), it SIGNIFICANTLY reduced B.B (B. burgodorferi forms).

The facts are that these antibiotics, do not fully eliminate Lyme disease and this is well known and well studied.  Perhaps antibiotics (and herbs/oils that are used in lieu of antibiotics) can gain more traction against infection IF some sort of combination with material that can be used to transport of “bust” biofilms is used.  Some are Apple Cider Vinegar, Rice Vinegar, Proteolytic Enzymes, even Aloe concentrates are effective. …and who knows what the biofilm busting capabilities are for JUST essential oils.  I would imagine it would be quite high in itself.

The biggest problem with “studies” is that the people studying Lyme disease are obsessed with drugs. I think it’s because the relationship of medical professionals with that of pharmaceutical companies. I was surprised to see a study on stevia AT ALL.

Natural antimicrobial agents  have been effective against various pathogens for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. THOUSANDS.

This study said that they wanted to test the potential of STEVIA to eliminate all morphological forms in vitro, so “to do that effectively” they combined it with antibiotics, but whose to say that to combine with antibiotics are the effective way? or the ONLY way?  That’s still suggesting that many people can tolerate antibiotics and MOST PEOPLE CANNOT due to detox pathway mutations.  These medical professionals are still going off their best HUNCH and seriously, it takes an outsider to really make progress (in my opinion).  In science, their “HUNCH” is called a postulation.  So again, the testing for what needs to be tested, is still not really being tested.  I’m ALWAYS for the medical oath, which is  “First, do no harm.”  It’s just not the case these days.

Stevia for lyme disease

I think anyone can easily add stevia to their diet and could go as far, as taking it the same time you take antibiotics or other forms of natural infection oils/herbs/salt, etc.  Make sure to get the REAL THING. The real thing is actually considered a “supplement.”  So don’t even think about brands like Truvia, made by PEPSI. These are highly processed forms that are not even the real thing.  Get brands like SWEET LEAF, which is economical for the “REAL” thing.

Happy Lyme Murdering!

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