Happy Summer! 

Hopefully, you’re putting the intensity of the sun to good use!

Now is a great time for “hot car saunas” and sun gazing!   Did you know the heat trapped in your car IS infrared heat? You can literally do an entire B3 Sauna Detox FROM YOUR CAR if you park it in the sun (works great for most regions in the USA). This type of detox works well with SUPER hot saunas and doesn’t last very long. Make sure to have your B3 and detox clay ready!

Did you know that sun gazing can boost endocrine function? Check out how to do it here and learn about what it can do for sleep and fatigue issues.

Now that summer is in full swing a lot of people want to just forget their sick! No problem there, my advice is to always do something while you’re ill. If you have a real bad infection, you can take things down a notch, simplify your protocol so you can spend some vacation time NOT worrying about being sick, but DO SOMETHING.  I see a lot of people GET SO VERY CLOSE and then just let everything slide.

Here are some quick DO-SOMETHINGS if you are wanting to make your life easier this summer, but gives you peace of mind that you are making sure you don’t SLIDE backwards.

1) SALT. Sole ( 2-3 tbs a day) with plenty of water and 5 grams of Vit C.  You get the kill action of the salt and you get the detox/clearing action of the C.

2) Lyme OILS– run through the series. Bottle by bottle. Start with #1, take 2-3 drops, 3 times a day on an empty stomach along with 2-3 RESPOND enzymes capsules.  Move slowly up to 5-10 drops on each oil. When you’re out, start with the next oil in the series. Get a full cleaning this way. Just make sure to drink plenty of water and take something like chlorella or zeolite/clay to mop up the bad stuff.

3) Drink 2 liters of ozonated sole water a day. Simple. Effective. EASY. New ozones are here and SUPER COOL!  Do some direct insufflations into ears (vagina if you have one) and rectum.

4) Take the Panacea Project liquid when its ready. In fact, everyone should be taking the Panacea Project Enzyme once it’s in (me included)!   It will be like the Take it with Alimax allicin (the real kind, not the fake stuff that has the same name online).  Take 1 tbs with 2 capsules, 3 times a day on an empty stomach!

These are just a few suggestions, but they are goodies. 

Happy Summering Slayers!  Mind the ticks.