We ship USPS. It’s the cheapest shipping option.

For those who have UPS/FedEx accounts:

If you have a USP or FedEx account, we can ship via this method. Please order as you would normally, but in the comment section on your order please provide your account number or a ask us to call you, so that we can change the shipping. If you place a comment on the order form, we will not ship unless we fully know we can fulfill your request. We will also refund the ship for USPS.

Two options for most orders are Flat Rate or shipping based on weight and packed by volume.

Flat Rates/Priority Mail -take 2-5 days to get to their US destinations and 7-10 days for international orders ( all orders are sent PRIORITY MAIL).

Parcel mail takes 5-7 days in the US to arrive and often 5 days or less to most destinations.

We ask you to be patient when you order and give your package time to get to your place.  Remember that ‘days’ are measured in ‘business days’ and holidays and the weekends are not full business days.