Rocky Mountain Panacea Project is my project with a a very smart young microbiologist up in Boulder, Colorado.  The reason why it’s called PANACEA, is because the product will be as close as you can get to those traveling, carriage riding, elixir men of wild west, EXCEPT THIS ONE WILL BE FOR REAL.  The reason why it’s called PROJECT, is because we are going to keep progressing and refining the product and what we can research and test, until we are satisfied. This may take years, but in a few months we will have a product.

There are a few things to mention here. While I love the Fermented Plant Enzymes on my website, we just use soy.  After the fermenting is over, there is no soy.  But I believe that certain ferments with actual medicinal roots (like licorice, for example) and mushrooms, known for their healing properties can turn into something EVEN more beneficial.  THIS IS NOT KOMBUCHA. This is not just a fermented single plant product (although there are many people playing around in this field making very helpful products).

The problem is not knowing fully how beneficial taking a panacea ferment really will be, until we do clinical trials. While we can test live probiotics (we could potentially have more strains than ANY probiotic on the market) and test enzyme concentrations (which is where the real healing is)….we don’t know all of the funny, wonderful behavior of starting plant material and the added health benefits of each type of material we use. So you can see, it’s going to be a real project that keeps going.

The good news, is that Tick Slayers can get it HERE.  The product is scheduled for healthcare professionals (of various kinds) through the Rocky Mountain region to begin with.

All of this is SELF funded.  The bad news is that it’s also happening during my Frau Fowler dental product launch which has been expensive.  I only started it because I KNOW THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS…including my own friends and family members.  

What you can do?

Support what I do here.  Spread the word when I post things (I’m getting better at Facebook).  Like my Facebook page (which I’ve never said before), really take a look at the amazing products I have on The Tick Slayer and get them from me, instead of trying to find them cheaper on Amazon (most of my stuff isn’t even sold there, on purpose). This is stuff MOST of you need already. 

I’ll of course have deals for my clients, but right now I just need support…even if it’s just a, “HELL YEAH!” and a high-five.  I decided to do something that’s covered in red tape, but it will be worth it for me personally and professionally, as it could be a real healing legacy. Something my late grandfather, Dr. Perry, would of been pretty proud of.