Did you know that eating organic for 7 days reduces your pesticide exposure up to 90%?

I know there are plenty of people who gripe at the cost of organic foods, especially when there is a large family to feed. I understand. Many people who are taxed financially see it as a strain, even those who are sick.

GMO FREE doesn't necessarily mean ORGANIC.

GMO FREE doesn’t necessarily mean ORGANIC.

There is really no denying the benefits of eating totally organic food, that means not only your fruits and veggies, but everything you eat (even canned foods and packaged foods) are all organic. This makes you understand the impact a little more because it’s not just your food, but the food animals eat. The entire chain has to be free of these chemicals.

It’s impossible to stick to such a diet eating out and if you’re like me, I’ve gotten to the point where Chipotle is the only “fast food” I eat. Chipotle is now close to being 100% GMO free, which is pretty amazing. I also try to faithfully stick to restaurants that serve organic and Calicrate meat products.  In Colorado it’s not super hard to find these places, if you live in Mississippi it may be impossible.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable and it’s really like picking a presidential candidate- you go for what you think is the lesser evil.  

An ORGANIC label means it's GMO- FREE!

An ORGANIC label means it’s GMO- FREE!

Being healthy really is impossible if you eat the way advertising tells you to eat.   Restaurant ads have people who are smiling and happy grubbing on food that is basically toxic.   So while many people get fooled, I just see the falsity of it all. It’s overwhelming. The only step to be taken is to educate.   And of course many of us don’t learn these lessons until we are bed ridden….some change their tune, others stick to their guns (and their drugs)…all the way down.

I often find that people who have Lyme disease often have pretty intense problems with chemical loads, meaning that past vaccines, drugs, exposure to pesticides, herbicides, environmental chemicals as well as household chemicals are causing “sick building syndrome.”

The most impact on your health is really what you do AT HOME. This is not just about eating, this is my overall health philosophy. If you have bad habits, don’t come to me for help because I can help you only to a certain point. If you have fairly decent habits and are working to implement new ones all the time, you can really do a 180 and get to the point where you feel amazing everyday.

Because there are so many cool moms out there these days who want healthy kids and a healthy family, there are LOADS of very cool blogs on how to feed a family cheaply with organic food. These are places everyone can learn.

Chris Karr
Money Saving Mommy
…if that’s all too girly for you, never fear, there is Food Matters.  This is purely an illustration, but there are many more.

There are education resources if you don’t really buy into what I’m saying here also. One is The Institute For Responsible Technology. Jefferey Smith is someone I met back in 2005 and he MEANS BUSINESS.

Go here to check out this resource for  yourself- http://www.responsibletechnology.org/

While I was at ExpoWest a few months ago (the natural foods and supplement industry’s trade show), the effect of these pesticides and herbicides were the hottest topic…and basically what they do to people’s guts and then all of the ramifications. It’s UGLY. In fact, without going in to detail, it basically can give you any autoimmune disease. It kills you slowly so that your breakdown often becomes just a name for a disease, and the conventional medical community ignores the correlation of course. If they give you a name to your disease, then they can “treat” you with a pill. I’m preaching to the choir on that one.

Eating organic for 7 days reduces your pesticide exposure up to 90%


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