Putting Codes on Products

I recently had someone write me about using the silver that we sell on this website. I’m including what they said of the product, but also my reply, because it helps you better understand what kind of quality you get with products on this website.


“I purchased some ASAP 30ppm silver from you a couple weeks ago.  A few weeks ago I received the Flu, not bad considering it has been 7 years since the last parlay. Others retailers that sell ABLabs ASAP are just so close to inept. So when I came across your site, the buy was truly simple and easy. I thought a few days latter after I consumed a bottle that I have a secure and honest provider of the product.
Note: Once others find out you carry the 30ppm they will want the product. Friendly advice,keep on hands. I anticipated this quality of silver being manufactured someday.
I have been advised and understand the quality of American Biotech Labs. The Germans or Swiss may have a product that is as good -maybe? Of course, it doesn’t matter what they have as we have ours made in the U.S., and it’s one state over and you sell it.”
The silver is a good one.  I think the reason why it’s over-the-top good, is because we put codes on all or our products, like a homeopathic or energy tincture that you can sometimes get from integrative medical doctors or NDs. 
For our silver, we put codes on for infection.  Codes that deal with mold, viruses, liver health/lymphatics, Lyme disease, etc.  If you were to get a thyroid product from us (doesn’t matter the brand), you would get codes on that product associated with the thyroid chakra, “helper” organs like para-thyroid and adrenals, thyroid nutrition and thyroid hormones, etc.
I do this for every single product we have here, because I know it works and it does enhance the product energetically for a specific purpose.  This is a free service for people who buy from The Tick Slayer website.  I’ve used it to heal, so I find it very important to do this.  Some products will have stickers that mention that it was encoded and some do not, but it doesn’t meant it wasn’t done. They are all encoded by me. I just forget to put the stickers on. 
Hope that explains why the silver is working so well for you. I don’t know if it’s specifically because it’s just “better silver” product, but I do know what I do to each product and you would have results from using just water with these codes.  I also know that if the material used in the product is superior, then you often get a much superior result after coding.  I try very hard to vet suppliers and make sure that everything on the site is extremely valuable to specific health-related issues.
Thank you for being a customer and if you need any help, just ask us!”