The Tick Slayer Book and ePlan

The Tick Slayer Book and ePlan


Get The Tick Slayer and get the ePlan for $19 dollars ( Regular 29.95).  Bundled to help you save.

Just choose the copies you’d like of each below.



Speedy Recovery ePlan

“I’ve condensed my knowledge and wisdom from my 5 year journey to a full recovery, into an 13 page plan that I would follow if I had to do it all over again. It includes my step by step recovery plan, my very best resources and guidance to help anyone who is struggling with a serious illness.

I took a lot of great steps, but not necessarily in the correct order. This is exactly what I wish I had when I first fell ill. It would have saved me a lot of agony, money and time. Enjoy!

Wishing you a healthy, speedy, and full recovery!”

– Perry Fields

 Online Access With Print Option

You can purchase this comprehensive and all-inclusive plan and view it instantly. The value of this plan exceeds an hour long private coaching session with Perry ($350.00).

This is a short, straight to the point, THOROUGH order/checklist of what to do and when to do.  If you have questions about your plan, please post them via the forum to be answered!

Get  a 10% off coupon with purchase of the ePlan. Coupon is good for most items on this website for the duration of your recovery!



The Tick SlayerTick Slayer 2012

Category: Health & Fitness/Diseases/Immune System

Author: Perry Louis Fields


Pages: 354

Backmatter: Appendix, 80 Illustrations by the author, Bibliography, Index



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