Salt and C Bundle


Salt and C Bundle

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The ultimate C and salt, together for your parasite and Lyme killing needs!

You may purchase additional quantities- up to 4 for the discount in this bundle!

LARGE -180 capsules in each pack!



salt and c plan
Synergy C
–  This new C will be the kind that makes you alkaline, unlike ascorbic acid, and the kind you can take A LOT OF, so if you’re doing a salt/C protocol or taking copious amounts of C for your recovery (always a good idea), you can take this new kind safely and it will be highly utilized by your body.  And another huge perk is that we are using flexible packaging.  I seriously hate plastic and am fully aware of the floating plastic island in the Pacific ocean.  Anytime, I have the option to pay a little more and get more environmentally sound packaging, I do. This blend was VERY hard to do.  The glucans in the product don’t make for mixing well, but it’s so worth it to have them in there!

3 Blend Salt Caps – This product was created to fill the need to provide high quality salt that my clients could take, that was sized appropriately for salt and C protocols for Lyme infection. This 3 Blend offers THE BEST mix of salt that carries an array of health benefits, including high mineral content and activated charcoal.  No more taking dangerous NACL tablets that create health problems at high levels.


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