Ozone Treatment for Lyme Disease

Ozone Treatment for Lyme Disease

I’ve noticed that getting blood ozone has become more and more popular since The Tick Slayer came out. It was once one of these hush-hush treatments that many doctors did not want to provide because of liability concerns. While according to the Germans, who have been using ozone and studying it for decades,  4 deaths in their millions of test subjects is obviously no biggie. Even that one death was not necessarily related to ozone treatment due to the health of the individual.

My point is that it is safe.  

It’s interesting how people will quickly get on heart meds, blood pressure meds, antibiotics (heavy doses) and all kinds of other medicines that have serious consequences for taking them (especially, when taken together), but yet a simple idea from Germany serves as the scapegoat for medicine in this country. Well time’s a changing!

Many biological dentists are starting to use ozone injections to try to remedy those pesky cavitation issues (read all about cavitations in The Tick Slayer). Some are even trying to remedy people’s neck pain by using ozone injections.  Medical doctors are using blood ozone injections (they take blood out, mix it with 03 and basically drip it back into you) to clear infections. It’s a hot topic. …and I’m so happy it’s finally arrived!

Some people wonder if all of my clients use ozone to get well. The answer is NO, but many do at some point. It honestly depends on 1) finances 2) the need.   I’m obviously a huge proponent of HOMEWORK and LIFESTYLE changes. It’s cheaper, it makes REAL changes and people can do it at home (for the most part).  That’s usually what my clients do.

Blood ozone isn’t cheap. I heard the cost could be around $200 per treatment, but it all depends.

At-home ozone is something that many people fear. You shouldn’t. I guess the fear comes from it’s 03 and they’ve seen docs use so much caution (rightfully so). Also if you Wikipedia “ozone”, it’s all bad.  Ozone in the atmosphere is another subject, don’t get this confused with ozone for fighting infectious disease or killing parasites.

Commercial applications for ozone are usually MOLD related. If you get your house mitigated, besides them knocking down drywall and insulation that’s moldy, they come in with giant machines that YES, you should be protected from. It’s all about output (usually measured in milligrams per hour ).  Utility companies use enormous ozone machines to treat crap water.  These are just example of units you really need to stay away from…they are huge and their output is so high, it can make you sick. 03 is an oxidizer. It’s a real beast, but it can be tamed and used in miraculous ways.

I’ve personally used ozone since 2005. I use it to knock out a sneeze before it turns into the flu. I use it to ozonate water to clean counter services or dip my veggies in before eating them as it kills parasites on contact in most cases.  I use it to clean liter box smell in my house (from time to time) or basically anything that smells funky. It knocks it out, fast and without using chemicals to cover any smell up…it literally NEUTRALIZES offenders.  Occasionally I’ll do water ozonated enemas to make sure my colon is free of parasites. I share a funny story in the book about something I killed off by doing this that was literally making my legs week.  This was around the time of my recovery when I was exploring.  I’ve heard doctors now are providing their patients with ozonated enemas; how cool!

We have really hit a turning point in people’s attitudes about it.

Here are some medical properties of ozone:

It is used for many conditions (but to keep it vague for liability reasons macular degeneration AND most other chronic age related conditions AND infection can be helped a lot by ozone).

  1. Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. When the immune system is overactive (as in auto-immune disease), ozone will calm it down. When the immune system is under active as in chronic infections, ozone will stimulate it.
  2. Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy including vitamin C.
  3. Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant. This is an underlying cause behind all degenerative disease.
  4. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen by stimulating the enzyme diphosphoglycerate (DPG).
  5. Ozone improves circulation. It does this by enhancing the flow characteristics of blood as a liquid. Many people with chronic inflammatory conditions have impaired circulation.

Let’s recap some at-home ozone uses:

These units are made for cleaning water and air…which means they are personal units for health. You will not see advertisements about what they can do, otherwise I’d get in trouble. So I’ll only mention the following via newsletter.  I cannot “claim” anything. I’m sure you understand. Here are my uses based on EXPERIENCE with myself and clients.

  • Ozone enemas – kill your worms and parasites in the colon.
  • Drink ozonated water daily- kill bacteria in the gut, wipe out food poisoning quickly.
  • Sniff it! Controlled, measured deep breaths (yes directly), if you have sinus infections, flus or colds. You can usually wipe it out quickly if you just caught something, but if you do have it and use it, it will drastically shorten your illness.
  • Clean your veggies before eating them. Veggies do have parasites and pesticides unfortunately, bath your produce.
  • Animals sick? Ozonate their water! They won’t pass it around to the other furry creatures at home. My veteran father has a million cats (kind of like the guy in No Country For Old Men), so believe me when I say it keeps all the furry friends healthy…I would know. 
  • Take a steam ozone shower- good for forcing ozone into your pours. Great for killing anything unnatural on the skin.
  • Ozonate your tub water and take a bath.
  • Have BRAIN FOG? Head stuffy? Ozonate your ears (with our attachment tub) and it gets right through the Tympanic membrane and into your head. Great for clearing up head problems due to ammonia build up from Lyme.
  • Ozonate oils (like sesame or grapeseed)- and make your OWN bacterial killing treatment

You can see how having a unit can save you money and help you for MANY YEARS.



– the materials in a unit make it HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY over time. Some are just unhealthy right from the get-go. 

In a last minute decision, that should of been decided at the beginning, I nixed several parts that are in direct contact with ozone and UV light. While these parts are used in most ozone units, from a health stand point, I had to have the BEST.

As most of you know GLASS is the most inert substance, although the strength of glass pretty much sucks.  The way these are built, I could not have glass on glass (because it would break at some point). So the next best material was stainless steel (a hush-hush specific kind that was graded A+ for ozone and UV compatibility).

Ozone is highly oxidizing and UV can bring bridges down over time (along with salt water).   UV energy absorbed by plastics can excite photons and create free radicals. If you have a unit already, you may want to start looking hard at what you have. If you got one from me (as I was a distributor for a specific brand), then you got the best of what was out there at that time.

But most units are cheap as heck and have lots of plastic parts.

Some plastics are good with UV and ozone.  But even if you find a compatible plastic material it will break down with exposure and time.  There is no way of going around this.  Then you are basically ingesting or inhaling what’s being broken down. The last thing we all need in industrial countries is to ingest more plastic!

I decided to go with the special stuff, even for the output fixture.  Now, you don’t have to worry about glass on glass or cheap plastic parts in the actual unit area that is holding and releasing ozone.

I could of thrown cheap parts in and the unit would be cheaper, but if you want to buy something Chinese on Amazon, I won’t stop you!  I just cannot in good conscience do that. And if I’m going to do something, I’m going to d it right.

 I wanted strong output but one used specifically for health concerns, a healthy output (no degradation of parts over time which mixes with o3 and you could ingest over time), DURABLE and something nice to look at. There are no units like this; I can promise you that. 

You can search under products on this website to check out the new units.

Using the IGETWELL ozone unit

There are twenty-four methods of administering ozone therapeutically. Some of these you cannot do at home and will need a medical professional administering.

  1. in the ear
  2. vaginal insufflation
  3. rectal insufflation
  4. drinking water
  5. cupping with a funnel
  6. external limb bagging
  7. bladder insufflation
  8. ozonated bath
  9. breathing through olive oil
  10. steam cabinet
  11. ozonated olive oil massage
  12. ozonated water enema
  13. direct intravenous injection
  14. autohemotherapy
  15. intra-arterial injection
  16. direct injection into a tumor
  17. intracutaneous (blistering)
  18. subcutaneous
  19. intramuscular
  20. intra-articular
  21. uterine insufflation
  22. subatmospheric bagging
  23. hyperbaric ozone
  24. dental use of ozonated water

For any kind of DIRECT insufflations (ear, vaginal or rectal)– GO SLOW at first. Our unit produces concentrations between 20-108ppm (on average). This level is reached very quickly.  Monitoring time is essential. I usually tell people who have ozone units to start off with 30 seconds for one day’s use.  See how you feel and gradually move up to 2 minutes.  More time is usually never needed.

For ozonating coffee enemas, oils or water- to get high concentrations of ozone in liquids you need to spend a lot of time ozonationg. For a gallon of water (kept cold), you would ozonate for an hour or more.  For 12 oz, it would be around 30 minutes. Make sure to use quickly.

Oils have a tendency to hold their ozonation for a long time (many days and even weeks),  but refrigeration is usually a good idea.

You can put the output hose in a steam cabinet with a long enough hose.

If you have oral pathology, you can put the tube directly into your mouth (without breathing) and fill your mouth with ozonated air, let it sit and then blow out. Ozone penetrates the wet gum tissue.

You can also make ozonated mouth swishes for periodontal disease.

They literature suggests that ONLY breathing ozone through oil is okay, not direct. As a warning I have to tell everyone not to inhale directly; however, when you have a sinus infection or getting the flu, I’ve often inhaled directly (just a few deep breaths) to knock out any virus I’ve picked up.  It works unbelievable well.

You can use ozonated water in your netti pots for sinus infections. This is helpful and easy to do.

The overall idea is that there are many uses and a good unit is used for many years. People usually get creative with how they use it, but remember to exercise caution. It’s not a toy.  Go slow and be mindful of your INTAKE.