We have a reputation of offering the “best of.”  You may notice that we don’t sell lots of different types of products. It’s because we don’t care too. We are interested in what works, fundamental items.

We work with manufacturers who have great reputations themselves; ones that care about the people they get well (like us).  You may find a lot of products manufactured by small “mom and pop” companies.

You wouldn’t have your car fixed by your plumber?

That’s how we feel about supplements. Every product is made by the people who are experts in that field, whether it be the people who wrote the book on clay healing, the folks who patented their silver sol technology, the folks who figured out how to hot water extract mushrooms or the chemist who breaks down his own minerals! We provide the products that have proven successful to people who are suffering from the most dire conditions (just ask Perry, they are not only her recommendations from her 5 year recovery from chronic disease, but they are products she still uses today to live symptom-free).

Our commitment to you is to provide the BEST. We aren’t interested in being the Amazon of supplements, but to cater to the people who need to get well and want to invest in themselves.