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If you read The Tick Slayer, you will know that one of the MAIN reasons why I was able to get healthy from a long battle with Lyme disease, was because I figured out the oral pathology problem in relation to my Lyme problem.  If you did ONE major treatment to heal from Lyme disease (or heck, ANY illness), I would get your oral pathology cleaned up.

This is not about cavities or metal fillings, this is much, MUCH more sinister.  It’s the problem that happens when you get any dental surgery done and this list includes- wisdom tooth extraction, root canals, implants, crowns, caps and perhaps fillings if they weren’t done correctly.

To make a very long story short, you can either get The Tick Slayer or wait for my white paper on what you need to know about keeping your mouth cleaned, available at FrauFower.com (in about two weeks from this post date).  In any case, I’d probably check out the paper because there is so much information you can use in there about keeping your teeth healthy, etc.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

I had this routine procedure when I was 19 and had “the best” surgeon in the state doing it.  4 years later, I figure out that it’s the main cause of my health problems. I literally did not heal from Lyme until I had what’s called a “cavitation cleaning” by a biological dentist.

The Toxic Tooth

oral pathology lyme disease

The book The Toxic Tooth is by Dr. Levy (a former cardiologist) and Robert Kulacz, DDS.  It’s EXCELLENT.  I just got to re-read it this weekend while I was taking my niece to the anime convention (aka HELL).

Here I am being a good sport and draining superheroes of their plasma. Just kidding, I went to Starbucks.

Here I am (middle) being a good sport and draining superheroes of their plasma.                                             (Just kidding, I went to Starbucks.)

The book is a MUST read if you have had any dental work done and want to know what’s REALLY happening to you.  Dr. Levy is actually in my book  writing about using Vit C. Much of what he learned was accredited to the late Hal Huggins, DDS.  This guy really started the bio-dentist movement. Both use to live in my current hometown of Colorado Springs! I should also mention that Nikola Tesla lived here as well.

I will try to summarize some amazing points presented in the book, but if aren’t convinced you need to run to the next opening at a bio-dentist’s, then perhaps you should read the entire book.

I personally think that there will be a class-action lawsuit against the ADA (American Dental Association) for keeping people in the dark about what  dentist around the country are doing to people. It’s said that 25 million people a year get a root canal.  That’s 25 million people that have a procedure that practically guarantees them pathology at some point in their life…the kind that kills SLOWLY.   If there ever was one, I’m jumping on it.  It’s not ignorance, it’s PROTECTION for their members and how they tell them to practice.  It’s about money.  That’s really the bottom line. Because pulling a dead tooth costs hardly anything.  A root canal could be upwards of 2K (or more).

I usually don’t like to get political and the book talks about the history here of the denying and the myths debunked over 60 years ago..and basically WHY so many people still don’t know and still go to a dentist to basically get pushed into UNINFORMED CONSENT.  It’s truly a disgusting thing and the reason WHY I was so sick with “Lyme, Lupus and other autoimmune conditions. ”

The Root Canal

What the heck is it? It’s taking a dead tooth out (or one that is severely diseased and cannot be repaired), removing pain-sensing nerves, blocking all access to the infection fighting IMMUNE SYSTEM (AKA BLOOD AND VEINS), and cementing it back into the mouth!

The link to Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Birth Problems, Cardiac Calcification, COPD, CHD, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Kidney Disease, Arthritis, Lupus, High Blood Pressure (and a lot more conditions) can be read about in various scientific studies.

The idea of a root canal is to “save a tooth” be removing infection and to create a bacteria-tight seal to prevent re-infection and leakage, in which the book calls, “impossible in theory and execution.”  The book goes on to debunk the ADA myths about how that’s achieved using lots of citations and evidence against that theory.  When you read about the anatomy of a tooth, it really is impossible.  So it’s super hilarious or disgusting (however you see it) that the ADA would make such statements about how 97% are successful.  How are we rating success?  By nice smiles?

The Silent Killer

Lyme and oral pathology

Most people won’t have pain, but those who do (light finger pressure and/or constant localized pain) it probably means it’s pretty bad.  For most of us, the nerves are removed and our bodies will not let us know that anything wrong is happening.  So these teeth and also areas where wisdom teeth were extracted, can leak toxins and pathogens all day long with little to no sign of harmful activity.

Root canal treatments (which is the main focus of the book) disconnects the tooth’s injury and infection detection system. Meaning if not blood and lymphatic supply can reach that “treated” area then no oxygen, antibodies, immune cells can reach the site to clean any infection up…..and THERE WILL BE INFECTION AT SOME POINT.  The book explains this also as the act of “sealing” a tooth is impossible due to the structure of teeth.  Each tooth has a layer of dentin and tens of thousands of tubles are in a square millimeter. You can’t seal them all with laser and sealant.  “Bacteria leaked out of 80% of teeth filled with gutta-percha regardless of which sealer was used…..Bacteria were detected in 84% of the gutta-perhca filled and sealed teeth after 72 hours.”  Other sealants had a fail of 60% rate after one hour, that were supposedly better.

The book goes into depth about treatments, the options, what endodontist do, etc. etc.  The main take away is that EVENTUALLY, root canals WILL be toxic. It’s not IF, it’s WHEN….in most cases happening very quickly after the surgery.

X-RAY Won’t Find It

If a dentist says you can find it that way, he’s either a liar or completely ignorant.

I had two bio-dentists way back in 2006 use ONLY X-Ray and they were specifically looking for infection.   I had 4 wisdom tooth extractions. They only went  into 3 sites, saying the 4th didn’t look infected.  In 2008, I was still sick and went to another bio-dentist, who cleaned out on 4 pockets and guess what?  The site the first bio-dentists said wasn’t infected, was the WORST POCKET.  It had a massive infection, including gangrene that was tested in the pocket. I was literally rotting my jaw bone.

The book explains why you can’t see it and what you have to do to find it.

If 3D  cone beam  tomogprahy X-ray is used, there is a much higher chance you can see pathology.   A study done in 2007 using 3D cone beam showed 91% of root canals infected.  Now, if a bio-dentist actually went in to look at these areas, I bet the infection rate would be near 100% in EVERY CASE.



Dr. Haley did a study of 5,000 consecutive extracted root canal-treated teeth.  They all were sufficiently infected to produce toxins.  The focal infection theory talks about how a specific infected area in the body being able to harm and even kill a person. Toxic Shock Syndrome is used in the book to explain how this works.  A tampon becomes infected if it’s stuck up there long enough.  In the absence of oxygen, exotoxins can form and them move throughout the body, yet it has to be removed for a patient to heal.  The bacteria gain entrance to the tampon because it’s porous. They multiply but there is no blood supply in the tampon to fight the bacteria.   Focal infections (like that of root canals and other dentistry) can infect and poison other parts of the body without any symptoms at the ORIGINATING location. It’s silent, see?

460 different bacteria have been identified in teeth that have been root canal-treated.   Among them are different spirochetes.  It’s not just the bacteria, but the ENDOTOXINS and EXOTOXINS that leak into the lymph system.

Endotoxins are large molecules. They are found in gram-negative bacteria and produce strong immune system responses.  They cause disease, but are rarely fatal. They just make you really SICK.  Exotoxins are created by living bacteria and are secreted.  These can destroy cells.  Botulism is a well know one.

Had Wisdom Teeth Removed?

These areas that teeth are extracted from are called “cavitations.”   These are holes left in a tooth extraction process.  They consists of toxins, pathology and dead bone.  Cavitations produce a lot of GANGRENE and my case was no different.  “90% of wisdom teeth extraction areas had been cavitated.”  The book goes on to explain why it happens and better ways of treating the area.   Cavitations are a lot like root canals because again, there may be NO pain associated with the focal infection at these sites.   They have to be cleaned, just like a root canal has to be removed and the cavitation cleaned.

When I read the book, I shook my head in agreement of all of the statements that seemed absurd, agreeing to them.  It sounds “crazy” UNTIL you have experienced it.  I had pathology in every cavitation, numerous bacteria, botulism, Gangrene, gram-negative bacteria, etc. etc. etc.  What came out during cleaning looked like BLACK OIL and smelled like something DEAD (like a dead mouse).  Unfortunately, all this stuff is very real.

Because of Levy’s background, he wrote extensively about the connection to heart health.   Overall, it’s a banger of a book.  While, I’m not writing nearly enough here.  This post is quickly educate you on the dangers of sickness and where it may be stemming from.

What I Do Now

Well you’ll have to read my white paper at www.FrauFowler.com when it comes out.  I use my own dental product of course, because it’s AWESOME and it works. You can buy it online here. It’s in the shopping section.  But that’s just about healing cavities and gum issues.

I will probably go back to a bio-dentist who uses EDS (Electrical Dermal Screening) and 3 D cone beam…to check sites to make SURE that re-infection hasn’t happened. So far, I think I’m fairly healthy in this department and think Dr. Glaros in Houson, Texas did a damn good job with me.

If I ever have something more than a superficial cavity (meaning a light one) or need a general cleaning, I will see a bio-dentist.  I cannot go back to endodontist or regular dentist, because they either aren’t educated about it or they don’t what to know about this stuff.

My experience was insane and unfortunately the likelihood of anyone who has dental surgery at some point, WILL have this very same problem..some varying degree of it. I’ve seen people crippled by it and I’ve seen people who just had a light infection that had to be dealt with.

When you experience something like this, you cannot “get” help from someone who refuses to acknowledge the severity of the situation and the REALITY of it.  


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