Oral Hygiene and The Disease Connection

Each condition in the mouth has a different impact on the ways the body works. It’s truly unfortunate that people who are sick typically get advised by medical professionals who don’t know anything about the dental connection with disease.

There are cavities– treated and untreated.  If they are treated, there are fillings, root canals and/or crowns.  Each materials has a different impact on the body.

Amalgams are neurotoxic, but they also interfere with body processes.  Composites are xenoestrogenic and impact the endocrine system. Root canals are 100% RISKY and crowns can be radioactive.

dental and Lyme disease

If someone is sick, you can never rule out the possibility of the dental connection.

Gum disease can range from gingivitis to periodontists.  Some studies on this suggest 81% of Americans have some degree of gum disease.  To avoid this we are told to floss, brush and use risky chemicals.

The risk with gum infections involve the infecting agent moving into other parts of the body.   You chew and swallow and the food becomes a microbial cocktail, depending on how unhealthy the MOUTH IS.

Many experts think periodontal infections are the leading cause of heart disease.  So if you have a heart condition do you just take meds or do you take meds and address the gums? Rarely are heart patients advised about the oral connection.

Cavitations are a huge problem.  They can cause serious oral infections that spread to bones and the brain. Sometimes they are a silent killer, because they can rarely have pain associated with it.  This was a very tragic ordeal for me during my battle with Lyme, as illustrated in The Tick Slayer.

Changing oral hygiene can have be a PROFOUND remedy.  Sometimes just dietary and oral hygiene practices are THE most logical treatment for people who are diseased.

The white paper I wrote about best dental hygiene practices, largely focuses on mouth pH, but also talks about ingredients both GOOD and BAD, so you know what to look for in dental products. There is an enormous amount of information contained in 16 pages (complete with footnotes).  It also summarizes my experience with oral pathology from wisdom teeth extractions and offers solid suggestions about dental care.



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