A reminder on the REALLY good Lyme blog posts you may have missed! 

I get people asking questions without reading (or perhaps not knowing) that a huge amount of self-help information is written under my Lyme blog post and even in the Lyme forum here.

Today, just scan over some of the past newsletters and blog posts to see what can use!

What Found In Nature, Really Works to Kill Lyme?

Nature's Best Lyme Disease Antimicrobials

Nature’s Best Lyme Disease Antimicrobials

In nature, plants have various chemical components that fight invaders and infection(some 200 or more in any given plant).  Isolating a compound and giving it in high doses, for extended periods of time, creates super bugs.   This process can literally create forms of Lyme that would scare EVEN ME….and I’m not scared of Lyme, even after my epic battle with it.
read more about what really works to kill infection, naturally!

Fats and Fiber for Lyme Recovery

Lard for Lyme Recovery

Lard for Lyme Recovery

I really wanted to remind people of some fundamentals that were extremely important when it comes to the Lyme fight; fats and fiber to be exact.  I know that most people know that sugar and gluten should be avoided, so I will not cover what you probably know already.I’ve had people ask me about the Paleo diet several times and while this diet makes a lot of sense to healthy people, I personally would never recommend it to those who are fighting Lyme.

…read more about getting your fats and fiber right!

Ozone Mania- Usage Tips and More

Ozone concentration

Ozone concentration

Many biological dentists are starting to use ozone injections to try to remedy those pesky cavitation issues (read all about cavitations in The Tick Slayer). Some are even trying to remedy people’s neck pain by using ozone injections.  Medical doctors are using blood ozone injections (they take blood out, mix it with 03 and basically drip it back into you) to clear infections. It’s a hot topic. …and I’m so happy it’s finally arrived! …read more about how you can use ozone to heal!

Kidney Support During the Lyme Fight

Kidney Health

Are you urinating a lot? …At all hours?
Do you have prostate issues?
Do you have UTIs?
Do you have detoxing issues?
Do you have infectious disease (Yes, Lyme or otherwise)
Do you have kidney stones or crystals?
Do you have gout?
Do you have pH issues? Are you too acid?
Do you have blood pressure issues?

….then you need to read about KIDNEY SUPPORT.