I’ve been away slaving for some time on helpful and new products to add to The Tick Slayer. Some were reformulations of very popular products that were out of stock for a REALLY long time.  I apologize for this, but it’s been tough to get the necessary work done to create these with all of my other engagements.  Lots of new products will stop popping up on this site.  Let’s start with a few here.

Cat's Claw


Cat’s Claw (LARGE count)- 300 ct.

A phenomenal herb for increasing macrophage activity.  This is the kind of activity that’s needed to get your killers cells to eat up pathogens.







Pain Calm (120 ct) -Designed to reduce pain associated with inflammatory conditions by using a synergistic group of nutrients and herbals.

Packed with herbal nutrients that have been studied for their anti-inflammatory properties







Respond Proteolytic Enzymes  (120 ct) – Proteplytic enzymes are used to reduce inflammation, cleaning the blood of debris, dissolving fibrin in blood and reducing blood clots, maximizing the immune system, killing bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi (when taken between meals), eliminate autoimmune disease, and dissolving scar tissue.






Immune Defense  (120 ct) –  A synergistic immune system herbal support that’s really LOADED with goodness.  Vit C, Vit E, Selenium and herbal extracts.

If you loved Immunostimmulant, then you will love this one.





3 Blend Salt Caps


3 Blend Salt Caps (180 ct)– This product was created to fill the need to provide high quality salt that my clients could take, that was sized appropriately for salt and C protocols for Lyme infection. This 3 Blend offers THE BEST mix of salt that carries an array of health benefits, including high mineral content and activated charcoal.  No more taking dangerous NACL tablets created with really crappy salt.





Power Enzymes

Power Enzymes (120 ct) – For those who need ongoing digestive help! We will autoship our most healing digestive enzyme at discount and with FREE shipping!  Cancel anytime.

The results are a highly effective with this synergistic enzyme for gut health.  Contains proteolytic enzymes that can digest the cell walls of microorganisms.




Synergy C

Synergy C (180 ct) This took forever.  This was a reformulation and it’s awesome!.

The most bad ass C on the market (in our humble opinion).  This is NOT sodium ascorbate, it’s calcium ascorbate- a form that jives with everyone. The best part of this C, is not just the C, it’s all the other ingredients that are designed to increase your immune system function. Do you need to take lots of vitamin C? No worries, this C has no artificial ingredients or fillers.  Our customers buy this one by the case! Do you have allergies or are you fighting infection? Synergy C is here to help.




Clean Tract (120 ct) 4-5 bowel movements a day is ideal. Anything less is considered constipation and that’s a major problem for many people.  For optimum health, our colon scrubber will help you in this area.  If you are detoxing from parasites or unwanted guests, you must make sure you’re not constipated while cleaning. We have improved our existing formula! Happy detoxing.





Serrapeptase (90 ct) – A superior proteolytic enzyme. Serrapeptase affects only non-living tissue








Kidney and Urinary Track Support

Kidney and Urinary Track Support


KidneyCare – Formulated for supporting the kidneys and urinary tract.   Most people know to associate their liver health with the cleanliness of their blood but less people realize that in their own way the Kidneys are just as crucial to keeping everything clean. Your entire blood supply is filtered through your kidneys every 5 minutes.