Lyme is insidious. It is.  But so can be dental surgeries.

Well, I thought I owed my TSlayers an explanation of why I’ve been so “out of touch” and not writing mega newsletters about potentially super helpful healing tips, etc.

Honestly, I’m a little tired right now.  I’ve been working on holidays, weekends and weekdays to pay for the launch of a retail product called, Frau Fowler’s Tooth & Gum Powder.  The oral care issue is a big issue for me.  Some of you have read The Tick Slayer and know that the wisdom teeth extraction surgery I had when I was 19, almost killed me.  In fact, most of my illness was not the Lyme bit itself…that came after.  The problem with my recovery was that it took 4 years to figure out fully what the oral pathology connection was for me and FOR MOST PEOPLE I COACH.

Since infection rates for surgeries are around 97-100% (this includes root canal, wisdom teeth extraction, implants, etc.), most people have focal infection and cannot get well from their illnesses. It’s sad.

So while the tooth powder is legitimately an awesome and MOST useful product to prevent decay, the social mission is to educate people about their dental choices and not get bullied into root canals, etc. by their dentist…who say, “It’s totally safe and there is no way it could get infected with the way I do it.”  Unfortunately, there is a LOT of special interested with the American Dental Association to protect it’s procedures, etc.

Only when you see a biodentist who looks at your previous surgeries and then remedies it…and you taste (and perhaps even see) the “black oil” that comes out of these cavitations and get a pathology report, do you full understand what just happened and WHY you were so damn sick!

Frau Fowler Tooth and Gum Powder has been Birthed


Several weeks ago, at the end of October, I won a most prestigious award for the product I’m making.  It was amazing to be recognized that way and truly an honor.  The judges were people who have had a dramatic part of how organic food and natural foods are bought, sold, marketed, distributed, created, etc.  They were veterans and the reason why we can go get organic foods in all places now.

I won a little bit of money (which went straight back into ordering packaging- UGH) and got a BUNCH of good prizes and services, like being at Expo West in Anaheim, CA to display my product (second week of March). Come visit me if you’re in California and want to check our cool, new supplements and natural foods!

It’s a lot of work so far, but it’s worth it.  I hate seeing people sick.  If you want to support my cause, keep supporting yourself by buying and USING the products on this website.  Make sure to add some of the tooth powder to your order.  They make really good gifts.

For more information on Frau Fowler- go to

To check out my interview with New Hope Network (They are like the CNN of Natural Foods)- go here, it’s pretty entertaining!