The Extreme Practice of Staying Present (To HEAL)

I watch a documentary on Netflix called, “Valley Uprising.”  It’s about rock climbing and the history of it, along with the key players.  At the end of the film, they get into the new players who have started free climbing without ropes as a means to push the sport. These guys are seemingly NUTS.  They climb up the faces of sheer granite (like Yosemite’s famous, El Capitan), with no rope.

Mindfulness When Sick Is Key

Even though I broke out in cold sweats and got clammy watching them climb without rope, I realized that what they were doing is making themselves 100% accountable and being 100% present in the moment. If they don’t, they die. Even though it seems extreme, doing something that puts you in that position, really teaches you how to live in a very healthy way.

When these people are climbing, there is no worry about past or future, it’s all in that very present moment. When you’re sick, you must spend more time in the very present to create what you want.  That’s why many people try to meditate, but if you’re not someone who is comfortable doing that, you can always pick up a hobby that forces you into that mindset.

I may not climb without rope, but I have unfortunately (and fortunately) gotten into enduro mountain biking.  The courses are on ski slopes and the descents are treacherous, but the joy of being in the moment is a really great way to live and really is a very healthy way to live.

While you may not have the energy or gusto, right now, to practice as such an extreme level, just remind yourself that all you have to do is focus on your steps with the intentions you want, with anything you do. It’s not just about putting one foot in front of the other, it’s putting one foot in front of the other with thought put into it…..not having your mind somewhere else (focusing on past or future issues).

When you’re going through your recovery, think about the rock climber, climbing without a rope.  They cannot look down over and over, because it’s wasted energy to do so.  So history is not a factor.  They cannot look up over and over, trying to figure out how much longer they have to go, because that would be worrying about the future.  They are focused on each step they take with a CALM, COLLECTIVE MIND.  And that’s exactly what you have to do, to get well.