The Hard Truth About A FULL Recovery

Sometimes I write some of my get-well philosophy. I realize that my readers may be in need of hearing some encouragement from time to time. The place I speak from is someone who has survived the ordeal to later thrive physically, but also emotionally.

I’m in the camp that believes all things happen for a reason. There is no luck (or bad luck). Things are coordinated and planned out (divinely). We are here to play the game. But it’s not a game you play to later forget and there are no winners or losers, just lessons.  We bring on illness to teach us these lessons, to master them; therefore, it’s opportunity, not tragedy we are all seeking.

Healing Help For Lyme Disease

Healing Help For Lyme Disease

To get well, you have to release fear, drama and all kinds of things that no longer serve you (a phrase you may have heard before).  Some people CAN and many CANNOT. People who can are fighting the harder but truer battle. Those who cannot take “the easier left.”

To simply not address, or deal with, or to make excuses IS much easier than taking a look in the mirror and saying “What do I do to complete get well?” How do I change this?” And then be willing to actually face the “uncomfortable stuff.”

Some of the uncomfortable stuff could be:

  • Self-flogging (perhaps you need to REALLY forgive yourself) and stop beating yourself up about the past.
  • Unhappy marriage (wow, I see this a LOT)- are you living with someone who is not good for you? That’s a basic question. It’s a YES or NO. If it’s a NO, then how do you get well with being around someone who is bad for you?
  • Hate your work– We often think we have to work a job we hate and buy a lot of stuff we don’t need. You don’t have to do either.  I speak from experience on that one. I loved running and racing, but I hated what I had to do to be successful. I didn’t understand why I had to choose between the things I loved. Truthfully many athletes feel this way and only a few have mastered how to have it all. I was not one of them….although my Lyme experience could allow me this in the future.

I write a lot about fixing the chemical issue, the biological issue and the physical issues to get well. When I write about something, I’ve deemed it important. If you went through my Tick Slayer eplan, read my book, devoured my blog, resources, products….damn, you have a lot to work with! You have everything I didn’t have….and I still got well (it just took a while).

3216874516_Kitten_Mirror_Lion_xlargeI’m not a spiritual adviser nor do I help people with emotional issues, but I cannot ignore what I see. I cannot ignore that physical illness is so completely related to spiritual/emotional crisis for most people.

It’s tough to look in the mirror and then ask for help, but I encourage you to do this as part of your recovery.  You’re a fantastic person who was designed to screw up….a lot.

You ‘ve got the love, so remember it.

You can dwell on your circumstances (like many do, just check out Facebook) and while you do that you bring more of that into your life.

You can also ignore the elephant in the room and stay in perpetual limbo with your recovery. The elephant being the tough topics about how you life your life and with whom you share it with.

Or you can say “I’m ready” for a full healing and then be ready to do EVERYTHING that is asked of you. 

The choice is yours. It can be done no matter how sick you think you are. It’s all fixable!  So get tough and be gracious for those encounters that help elevate you UP and PAST of your recovery.

For those who have The Tick Slayer book, please read it again. Sometimes you find bits that you missed during the first reading.  That book was written with ALL good intention to give you what I needed most during my recovery and DID NOT HAVE!

My pain is your gain. Quite literally. I’ve been dedicated for half a decade (or more now) to making things that work and writing about things that need to be heard for those in their Lyme journeys.

I care about your health and if you need help,  JUST ASK!

Let’s do this!