The LymeRecover plan- UNCOVERED.

The LymeRecover Plan is a schedule that I wrote up for people who want to follow a very thorough plan, but that were self-motivated and wanted to follow something on their own.

This plan is good for self starters and those who want to supplement their antibiotic regiment.  It’s also good for people who have chronic Lyme  vs  just an active infection!   

Free Lyme Plan

Free Lyme Disease Plan

LymeRecover eSchedule

You can access this free plan from your phone, computer or tablet. All you need is the link. You are welcome to share this plan with friends and family!

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The LymeRecover Plan will be ever evolving, as I make changes to fit the majority of people. I was meaning to get to explanations about the plan, so here it goes.

Here’s the logic behind it.

Most people are in desperate need for C, D and B vitamins. On many occasions it’s often D and A.  Only a micronutrient test will determine your levels; but for the moment, you could take a medium dose of D and A.  If you find that you are truly deficient, than MEGA doses are actually suggested- like 15,000 ius of D. On the schedule are MEDIUM doses for the masses.

Why the liver and kidney SUPER support?  

Because your liver filters EVERYTHING and so do your kidneys.  When you are sick and feel toxic, it’s often because of these two organs. In any case, most people who are KILLING infection off REALLY need support for these organs.  I go above and beyond with my support, because I’ve found that MOST people need it. What I have on the plan is MOST EXCELLENT for strengthening and fortifying these organs.

Why iodine?

Iodine protects us from radiation and is needed by the thyroid. Almost everyone with a thyroid issue, has low iodine. Unfortunately, when you don’t have iodine you are more susceptible to the sun’s radiation, not to mention the radiation that happens while you’re in an airplane, or just exposed from being outside!  It also is a MEGA energizer of sex glands, so it makes you feel energized in the morning and is also a potent antimicrobial- the kind that kills everything. 

Why Bamboo?

RICH IN SILICA, which helps kill infection and strengthens connective tissue. SILICA is a conductor of cells, so yes silica is a good idea.

Why the Enzymes?

Enzymes are LIFE GIVING and SUSTAINING. If you didn’t read my enzyme article here, YOU “GOTS” TO.

The other issue is not only are they useful in cleaning up “ugly” sick blood, but they are also useful for every metabolic activity in the human body and guess what? Most people are deficient…and even if you weren’t, if you’re SICK and somehow still had a lot of enzyme activity, than it would STILL help you recover faster!

Psssst. They love to eat proteins. Bacteria is made of proteins. They help “dismember” bacteria.



Ultra Immune Defense

Ultra Immune Defense

One word- Immune Defense.

While you’re detoxing, attacking infection, protecting filtering organs, make sure you protect your cardiovascular system, your CELLS, your memory and cognivtive function!

OPCS are a type of flavonoid found in certain concentraion in plant material, like grapes.  Most of the research right now is focused on what it does to BRAIN HEALTH and CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, but there is hardly anything that is DOESN’T DO.

So taking a few caps Immune Defense (for example), EVEN if you aren’t on this eSchedule, you are really helping protect your insides.

It has-

Arabinogalactan has potential to support immune cells involved with the body’s first line of defense and to promote cytokine production, the communication and signaling pathway of immune cells. It is found in the fiber from larch trees.

Beta Glucans are polysaccharides and can naturally boost the immune system by optimizing its response to diseases and infections.

Cat’s Claw has been used by Amazonian Indians for centuries, primarily for treatment of arthritis, ulcers, sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer. This has been used in many Lyme disease protocols by physicians.

Burdock root has valuable photo-nutrients known to have antioxidant, disease preventing, and health promoting properties.

Curcumin root is the active ingredient of turmeric, and is also found in limited amounts in Ginger. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and cancer preventative molecule.

Garlic Bulb is a potential biofilm buster for Lyme patients. It has many immune system modulating properties.

Graviola Leaf Powder  is from a rainforest tree.  It is known for it’s antioxidants and inflammation reducing capabilities. It is also an anti-parasitic agent.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant against singlet oxygen. Maintains the cell’s integrity when it’s under assault by toxins.

Panax Ginseng is a powerful adaption used for Chronic Fatigue, anxiety, depression and for boosting the immune system.

Pine Bark helps strengthen blood vessels, improves circulation, improves oxygen to the cells.

Olive Leaf has apparent anti-Lyme activity, lowers blood pressure and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Lyme Disease Planning

Lyme Disease Planning

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