Here’s the Scoop on Lyme Coaching.


Right now, it’s available, but please ask by emailing:  info (at),  to find out what my schedule is like.

I’m in the final stages of the iGetWell app and also creating a new product that I hope to have in Whole Foods!

I want to keep offering coaching because it apparently is extremely helpful to people who are not getting well with what they are doing and are “stuck.”

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Below is what some of my other coaching clients have said in the past. This will give you an idea of what to expect.


Past Coaching Clients- What They Think


“Overall, The Session Was Invaluable.”

“If you have Lyme disease, or if you even suspect you have Lyme disease, or if you have ANYTHING physical going on that is “untreatable,” chronic, or undiagnosed…go to Perry now! She is thorough in reviewing your medical and symptomatic information (so be thorough in providing it), and she does her homework before you ever get on the phone with her. I recommend recording the conversation because it is A LOT of information, and you want to make sure you get it all. The philosophy is simple…regardless of whether you have a diagnosis, begin treatment now.

In my search for capable support, I went to several doctors. They are still referring me to specialists and running test after test while I’m spending my days suffering. The medical philosophy is identify it first, and then treat it. This is important because the treatments are pharmaceutically-based and you want to make sure the treatment matches ! the issue. With Perry’s approach however, you begin treating holistically no matter what the diagnosis. For me, it is essentially detox and rebuild. She starts from the ground up, and she is super knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend her. Not a penny was wasted on my session with her. I’m very grateful. And I will be well!

Overall, the session was invaluable. Thank you so much Perry. I am grateful to God that you are so inspired in the realm of health and that you wish to support others who are struggling with Lyme or other health issues.”

Andrea Broussard
Austin, Texas
10 out of 10 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most helpful)


“Information That You Can’t Find Elsewhere…She Is On The Cutting Edge Such That Some Information Really Leaves You Astonished..”

“Perry took extra time to cover all of my specific issues. She is not only a wonderful inspiration but full of knowledge. The knowledge is comprised of some things lymies find elsewhere but it is packed with specific advice, and helpful information that you can’t find elsewhere.

She breaks her plan down into steps that you follow rather than being bombarded all at once, and not knowing what to do with the information. She is on the cutting edge such that some information really leaves you astonished, but she gives you the tools to research it for yourself and make sure it is for you. She doesn’t exclude those using abx from her services but she makes you consider what is really best for you.

I would definitely use Perry again. I am grateful there is a coach for us and that she one person who has suffered and overcome. She definitely is also diverging from the path that some take; where lyme becomes the essence of their spirit and identity. Thus, she compels one to move past and overcome while providing great technical advice on how to do it.”

Angela Allen
Greenville, SC
9 out of 10 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most helpful)


“It’s Godsend”

“Thanks for all the great info on how to detox and build the immune system, and killing Lyme. You really packed a lot of information into the session, which was excellent. Thanks so much. I understand that you said that is the first step. although I do wish we would have talked a bit more about the killing Lyme part – that would be my only drawback, but I really appreciate all the great info. you shared with me. You covered a ton and know so much about what to do, which is very impressive. The session was really helpful and I have a lot to do to straighten things out and work on.

I am really glad that you are offering this much-needed help to us Lymies. You have made me realize the importance of building the immune system and detoxing to deal with the Lyme. Thanks for providing all this great information and I really appreciate you providing this coaching. I am totally impressed with all that you are do! ing with this issue – newsletter, websites, etc. It is a Godsend. Thanks again!”

H.Z. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
8 out of 10


“…I Wish That I Spoke To Perry First Before Doing Anything!”

“The coaching session with Perry was great! It was so inspiring to listen to someone who truly overcame Lyme disease and understands it much more than any doctor ever will both physically and mentally. I have been to every doctor for the past two years and I wish that I spoke to Perry first before doing anything! She really broke everything down and was extremely helpful. I truly see a light at the end of the tunnel with this disease and I cannot thank her enough.”

Heather Levine
New York, New York
10 out of 10


“It Will Be Worth Your While To Talk To Her. I Was Hesitant At First, But I Am Glad I Did !”

” Perry coaching was great. A heck of a lot of information that is for sure. I like the idea that the body can heal it’s self it is healthy and it doesn’t need chemicals for that. If there was a 9 1/2 rating I would give that to her, but since there wasn’t I gave her a 9. My only suggestion would be that she pauses just a tiny bit everyonce in a while so that the coachee could a get a question in? I was able to squeeze questions in and she was great about it. I understand that she has tons of info and fits it into an hour and I appreciate that.

Her passion for what she speaks about really comes out. I felt uplifted afterword.

Do you want to ‘knock out Lyme’ and ‘take no prisoners’? Do you want to help your body help itself cure itself? Than talk to Perry.

I have worked in caretaking a couple well known botanical gardens. In the past there was belief to keep plants healthy you needed to kill ‘the bad guys’ by using chemicals. By doing this it lowers the immune system of the plant, creates superbugs that survive the chemical, and kills the ‘the good guys’ that are there to take down ‘the bad guys’. A vicious cycle begins, a bad comic book end. Today more and more people are realizing that by keeping the soil very healthy, supporting the benefical bugs and looking at the overall health of the plant something beautiful happens….. Health!!! Perry has this same attitude with the body and I believe this is the wave of the future. Preventive medicine. Help your body help itself!!!

Perry is very passionate about what she talks about and I felt very uplifted afterword. Someday down the road I am looking forward to giving her a hug!

It will be worth your while to talk to her. I was hesitant at first, but I am glad I did.

(oh… did I already say you should talk to Perry?) Health is always ours if we really want it.”

sincerely, Bryce

Bryce Tyson
Encinitas , California
9 out of 10


“She Clearly Knows So Much About Not Only Recovering Rrom Lyme Disease But In Getting And Staying Healthy. !”

“I was very impressed by the coaching session with Perry. She clearly knows so much about not only recovering from lyme disease but in getting and staying healthy.

She also took into consideration my own medical history and used this information to tailor a program specifically for me. I have a lot of work to do and because of my sesssion with her, I now have a much clearer focus and plan of how to get myself back on track and to be healthy again.

I’m also inspired to be coached by someone who beat this disease and fought her own way back to health.”

Kate McKeon
Glen Rock , New Jersey
10 out of 10


“It Is A Lot Of Info, But If You Want To Get Better, You Have To Get Drastic!”

“It was good to get coaching from Perry. She is very understanding of the many facets of this illness. It is a lot of info, but if you want to get better, you have to get drastic. Dr’s don’t know how to help you truly heal from this disease. I’m hopeful. She is great a/b answering your e-mail questions too. It’s great to have that kind of availability when you need support or help for the process involved. Thanks Perry!”

Montgomery, Alabama
10 out of 10