LDN for Lyme disease

LDN for Lyme disease

LDN is called Low-Dose Naltrexone.  

Recently it’s been used by a lot of Lyme patients and is fairly safe to work with.

LDN has been used for many years to combat drug addictions.  It boosts endorphins and attaches to opid receptors in the brain to increase endorphin productions.  The increase in endorphins helps macrophages, natural killer cells, T and B cells communicate and work properly.

(You know what also increases endorphins? Exercise.)

One problem that a lot of Lyme people have is their immune system is either low functioning or it’s over-reactive and attacking itself, as in the case with most autoimmune conditions.

Right now LDN is being used for ALS, Autism, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other autoimmune conditions.

Even though it’s not typical therapy for a Lyme patient, since Lyme falls into that autoimmune condition pretty perfectly, despite knowing that the bases of Lyme disease is infection, it still works for those who are suffering from the autoimmune part of Lyme disease.

My only problem with LDN is like that of medical marijuana; I believe that it’s not a cure, although it can help move a person along in the right direction.  You can get a lot of benefits from using some of these recovery options, but please don’t forget to kill your infection!  It takes time to do this properly and it takes time to build up the immune system.

No ‘miracle cure’ will CURE Lyme disease or any of these autoimmune conditions.  It’s hard for me to see people spend time and energy on vague foundations and charity that talk about curing breast cancer or curing Lyme disease, etc. The cure is the work by the patient and the creativity of the practitioner to address each underlying problem systematically.  

Thankfully there are a load of resources and tools to get a person well from just about anything! It’s a good time to be alive.

It takes work and patience and time.  With that said, when you are really having bouts of despair, little miracle helpers (however temporary) can have a big impact on your rate of recovery. When you feel better, you are more motivated. Part of healing is actually believing you’re going to get better and feeling well from time to time…and seeing that progress along so you have more better days and less really bad days.  

When you progress like that, it’s a sign you are recovering in a FULL way.

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