Last week I wrote you regarding Elynn Light, a talented woman who has helped me tremendously with removing old beliefs and patterns, including a pain in the neck (literally).

As I stated in the video I’ve had neck pain for a very long time. All of this was what I thought was from a car accident (the one described in The Tick Slayer) when I was 18 years old. I spent around 25K in the post accident years with chiropractors and while I believe WHOLEheartedly in their effectiveness, what I didn’t realize and what I stumbled upon was this profound reason why my neck still hurt.

After the accident I was in crazy pain for many years, which did affect me at USMA (United States Military Academy). I sucked it up because that was what was expected of me (I have actually done this in many life situations. Sounds familiar, right?)

I got my neck to the point where I could move it without having shooting pains, but even up until this past year, I would wake up with a bit of a stiff neck. I now believe the neck to be a VERY common place where people keep trapped emotions. This is after I saw Elynn and in two sessions, after removing the emotions that were stored there, I’m pain free totally.

I know it sounds too good to be true. Realize though that I’ve practiced what I’ve preached. I’ve ruled out dental (as written in the Tick Slayer) for I’ve cleared most (if not all), of my oral pathology, which does cause toxins to drip down via the Lymphatic system and it does cause pain and swelling in the neck regions. I’ve also done some serious chiropractic care, which was VERY MUCH needed.

While reminiscing here a bit, I must say that I do regret that I didn’t know that what Elynn does even existed. Furthermore, I would of never gotten this type of treatment for myself and I did because I stumbled into it (almost on accident)!

Please see video 1 to get a handle on things before video 2. As I described in video 1 I started to have serious problems while at West Point and I did see two psychologists during the years surrounding that school. I was upset at behaviors mostly and some of the abuse I had seen. Please don’t think it’s all like that there, it’s not! My divulging this situation was to allow you to see that I gave up on “seeing someone” for my “depression.” 6 years later I became sick with Lyme. Coincidence? I don’t think so. From my own personal history and my years spent helping others, what I’ve gathered is that IT ALL ADDS UP.

Once the scale tilts, you’re in it until you get out of it the correct way. No pink pill, blue pill, or yellow pill will cure you.

Video 2 is below. Elynn is describing how she works with people and what she does. It’s a very hard concept to understand mostly because NONE OF US has had an experience with this type of healing….well, nobody that I know anyway.


It’s the type of thing that one has to experience and give ONE shot, to fully recognize how helpful it really is. Just listening to the interview is about 10% helpful, compared to what you fully understand once you work with her. I think she does the best job possible with her case study she presents, but again, after listening to this, just think about it and replay if it you need too.

All I can say is give her a try! You will not be disappointed.

The reason why I’m saying that is because obviously I want everyone to get well and I realize HOW HARD it is to open yourself up and let someone in on this level. There are people out there who are sick and they won’t even let their spouse in and I hope they may be reading this.