The health issue nobody likes to admit.

Yes, it’s emotional and nobody likes to be told they need to see someone for it. Perhaps it’s been brought to your attention or maybe you’re suffering from past trauma and don’t even realize it. It’s often the incidents that we don’t remember that are the most damaging.

Before you say this newsletter isn’t for me, give it a chance. I’ll make it short. The truth is this is the one area where I really can’t help people and if you’re one of these people who say you’ve tried everything to heal and aren’t healthy yet, then this may explain why. I’ve noticed with the people I coach that the ones who often have the most severe past trauma and sometimes they themselves don’t realize it have the LONGEST and HARDEST and most EXPENSIVE recoveries.

What we are delving into here is not just about what this does for your health, but ultimately how you live life and how much joy you have in this lifetime.

Watch the video.

In a few days in our next video, Elynn will be sharing exactly how she does what she does. It’s quite fascinating, so stay tuned! She is a real treasure trove of solutions when it comes to mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Q: How do you know if you’re suffering from neurotransmitter imbalance (as in not producing the “feel good “substances”) or if I have trauma that perhaps I cannot remember?

A: You don’t really. So many people suffer from past experiences, traumas, transgressions, etc. that they may or may not remember, that if you find yourself chronically ill, there is a really good chance (in my opinion) that there is some type of emotional burden you need to have released energetically. I find this to be true with about 85% of all the people I have coached and I have gotten really good at listening for the phrases people say when describing their illness (and what that is “secretly” telling me).

I’ve had perhaps 2-3 people who have had such SERIOUS trauma that their recoveries are still ongoing, despite “doing everything.” See Elynn and at least rule that out as a possibility of inference in your own personal recovery.

That’s one side of the coin; the other side is the actual health problem of not producing neurotransmitters, which usually goes hand in hand, with poor gut health. So you have to treat the two simultaneously to get really good results. Have your doctor test you. It’s not cheap, but this really is important to your wellbeing. I should also say that I have in the works a possible way to figure out what you’re missing and what to take without spending $1000+ dollars. In the meantime, get tested and, of course, review your options for improving GUT HEALTH in The Tick Slayer Plan. You must rebuild your gut to feel normal and healthy.