Yes, we ship internationally!  Our shopping cart does the best it can at estimating charges internationally, but we do have to make adjustments on occasions.  We ask that you place your order like you would normally and give us time to contact you back about the shipping. If there is a change in shipping charges, higher or lower, we’ll quickly contact you back about it.

We do not ship any orders blindly. Usually with international orders we check to make sure that it’s not fraud by contacting the person who ordered before we send.  If you have trouble placing an order, we will help you sort it out. Just contact us, using the contact page here.

A few last things to remind you of:

  •  If you live in a third world country, you may not want to place an order, as we cannot be responsible for stolen or missing packages. If you live in a country where that’s not a problem, then there should be no problem getting your order.
  • Packages are sent with insurance, but the time it takes to process the insurance with the carrier takes both parties cooperation. So we kindly ask if you don’t get your mail, please don’t place an order.
  • You may also want to check your countries custom laws to make sure that you can receive natural health supplements. Some countries have different law and regulations. While we have only heard of one country (Germany) that ever destroyed a package, you may want to quickly check before you place an order.

We look forward to serving you!