I have a Lyme disease plan.

How to use this website most effectively

This website is dedicated for those who have chronic Lyme disease.

At the point you have a plan, but are perhaps uncertain about how it’s unfolding. Maybe you are uncertain of the treatment you are getting or your progress in your Lyme recovery. Keep in mind that recovery takes a while and do not lose heart.

While there are tons of Lyme websites and communities out there, this is an ANSWERS only place. This is not ill-advised information from someone who has not recovered. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

You may use this website to post questions on the Lyme forum, read my blog (a compilation of my past Lyme newsletters) to get insight about many great tips that can be used in your recovery from Lyme disease and other autoimmune conditions. I had it all and I speak broadly about the big picture that is often missed in treatment plans.

Most tips and tricks can be easily added to any current Lyme disease plan.

You can check out the Lyme Recover ePlan that I wrote and/or The Tick Slayer book to give you some confidence and understanding of what a full recovery looks like. Both will help tremendously.

I manufacture many of my own products now and I’ve become known for the effectiveness of products. On this website is a complication of HIGHLY effective products that I either manufacture myself or have used effectively for many years with coaching clients (and myself). Many products, if not most now, have been QRA energy tested. They have glowing results.

You may add these products to your current plan at your discretion. If you have questions- JUST ASK!

If you have been struggling for a while with your current and/or long-term plan and have not seen significant progress, you should read this.

I wish you a speedy and FULL recovery!

All my best,