What Makes a Good Lyme Plan?
Part #2 Scheduling Dissected

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I’m writing about what makes good scheduling when it comes to planning at home supplement use.

A few weeks ago I sent a newsletter about the first part of this discussion, breaking down what type of antimicrobials are on the  Free LymeRecover Plan.  If you didn’t get to read it, you can here.  Pull it up and follow along, so that you can fully understand how scheduling works.  Sometimes seeing something, is better than just reading about it!

This week is about scheduling what you’re taking at home and the reasons why certain times of the day are better than others!


Scheduling Antimicrobials


You will see that many who are on a FULL plan, will take certain antimicrobials starting, first thing in the morning. This approach is not good for those who are sick in the stomach, because people who are sick in their stomach and wake up feeling nauseous, should EAT CLAY or PURE ZEOLITE  upon rising. This will calm the stomach, promotes healing of the GI system and provides a “MOP” for toxins that were created at night.

If someone does not wake up with sour stomach, I like to get antimicrobials in the first thing in the morning.  The reason behind it is because on an empty stomach, certain antimicrobials have far reaching effect and a greater potential to get right into the bloodstream.


Is also another excellent time to get antimicrobials in on an empty stomach.


Since most people sleep 8 hrs, it’s good to get pathogen fighting supplements in right before you got to bed. Your body will be digesting and fighting while you sleep.  I would do this IF ONLY it doesn’t get in the way of sleep. 

If you find that does, then take calming supplements like Magnesium, Valerian, Hops, and Clay to calm your stomach.  If no antimicrobials are taken right before you sleep, then you can take your detoxing supplements to help bind with toxins at night. They usually have more of a peaceful affect on a person.


What To Take The Same Time As Your Antimicrobials



You will see that on the plan I have KidneyChi, KidneyCare and LiverChi. Liver supplements are best taken on empty stomach and BEFORE food is introduced into the stomach. The same applies to kidney supplements.  By taking them the same time as your antimicrobials, you are also giving your kidneys and  liver (eliminating organs) protection and encouragement of elimination without toxic buildup.

When you kill Lyme and other infection, most people are burdening these organs beyond belief.  So it’s very wise to protect them and heal them through the process of die-off.

These supplements that support organs do not need to be taken more than 2-3 times a day.


Proteolytic enzymes are good bet to take with antimicrobials on an empty stomach. Taking them on an empty stomach will grant better access to the bloodstream and acts more on the blood, than a digestive enzyme that is taken with food.  I have many clients take enzymes, like RESPOND or Serrpeptase the same time they take their oils and/or antimicrobials.  Proteolytic enzymes are used to reduce inflammation, cleaning the blood of debris, dissolving fibrin in blood and reducing blood clots, maximizing the immune system, killing bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi (when taken between meals), eliminate autoimmune disease, and dissolving scar tissue.

* If you’re brave, you can take the oils with enzymes and ACV (apple cider vinegar) on an empty stomach for a carrier like effect that’s fairly intense. Because it’s so hard to take, I don’t usually suggest it. 


What Do You Take WITH FOOD?

I like taking minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes and other immune building supplements (depends on the kind), WITH FOOD.  In the mornings, most people who are sick have fatigue upon rising, so B vitamins, C, D, and supplements like Cholestepure (that are good to bind with toxins and advises to be taken with food), can all be taken starting in the morning with breakfast.

B vitamins aren’t so great after lunch, as they can promote too much energy when it’s time to wind down in the evening.  This goes for adrenal and thyroid supplements, which can be taken for breakfast and lunch, but is not wise to continue after 3pm.

Immune Defense is best taken with food and is a synergistic immune system herbal support that’s really LOADED with goodness and antimicrobial.  This can be taken three times a day WITH FOOD or WITHOUT. I typically 

I’m big on digestive enzymes because the more work you do on your stomach and breaking down foods, the better absorption!  Most people who are sick, if not all I’ve coached, have impaired digestion.  PowerEnzymes, for example, are a given!  Get on it and stay on it, for several months. Your body will thank you.

On rare cases where people have major candida or fungus and the die-off causes bloating,  HCL is usually called in.  HCL can be EASILY ABUSED.