Feeling tired?  It Could Be Mercury.  How Planets Affect Us.

How Planets Affect Our Health

I think it’s kind of crazy that western medicine has gotten so far away from traditional routes of healing that have been used for centuries…even thousands of years.  I understand technology is awesome and can extend the life of many, but if you were to know that EVERYTHING in the universe really does affect you, then the perspective gained could really help you keep peace of mind about your recovery.

Many people get terribly frustrated that things don’t happen fast enough.  They want all their symptoms to just disappear within weeks.  With the advent of Facebook and other sharing sites, hearing how someone got well in 3 months can be a real mental blow to a person (even if it’s a half-truth and that person’s health situation was totally different).

Perspective really is everything in life. It doesn’t just affect your job, your home life, your relationships and even your recovery.  If someone is stressed out about their condition, the energy that creates stress and worry really does ADD TIME to your recovery.

Mercury passed by the sun for the first time in 13 years just a few days ago.  

Most people didn’t even know it happened, even though it was featured on the front of The Wall Street.  About a week before that I had more than 1 client tell me that they were all-of-a-sudden terribly lethargic…all they wanted to do was sleep, like Sleeping Beauty style (under some kind of curse).  Well, in fact, I too was going through the same thing and I have no health issues currently.  Because I keep up with astrology and astronomy, I knew that there was a serious “mercury retrograde” going on. This is a time where life can really be a struggle, but it also forces us to get down to the nitty gritty details of life. 

Paracelsuc and PlanetsNow for those who think it’s total pooh-pooh, when it comes to astrology and astronomy, the late 16th century doctor,  Paracelsus (who gave zinc it’s name and theorized that all illnesses come from mineral deficiencies back when limb butchery and bloodletting was a common medical practice), also was deeply into these other fields of study. He believed that if people knew how planets moving around affected them, then it would offer a perspective that could help keep them well mentally, therefore keeping them healthy physically.

I don’t think he’s right; I know he’s right.  You should know also, if you haven’t already had an episode with parasites (aka “rectum itch”) and the full moon…it really does happen!

What happens above, really does affect us. In fact, satellites that circle the earth also create an effect that many sensitive people can feel and get sick from.   Now, if you add in other people’s energy on you, EMF/ELF, geopathic stress (the kind where your house or office is built on a very “auspicious place” where the earth’s energy is not so great), satellites, cell towers, your computer, your cell phone, chemicals in the air, planets lining up in formations or squaring off….YES, it all has effect and it’s all stuff you can’t see!   Because everything is tied to everything, that’s the universe’s way.

The point is not to worry you about everything you cannot see.  The point is that you have to stay mindful and be in the present. You have to understand that somethings are out of your control and once you’ve done what you can do to mitigate problems, you have to stop the worry.  We weren’t meant to be perfect all the time. Health is a journey and it keeps going even after you are “totally” well.

Curious About The REAL Kind of Astrology

I’m still learning quite a bit here, but I’m not talking about the entertainment ones that are extremely general and quite silly at times.

 https://www.astro.com/  has personal daily ones based on the information you have to provide like TIME OF BIRTH, DATE OF BIRTH, LOCATION OF BIRTH, etc.

They also have long term influences that could last several weeks for a person or several months.  A lot of this has to do with planets that can affect everyone, but sometimes certain individual more…based on when you came into this life.

On this site is also a color horoscope, that can tell you some  psychological aspects that are unique to you based on picking your favorite colors and your least favorite colors. This is a favorite of mine, because I find it oddly accurate.  It helps you get in touch with what’s really bugging you.

There is a travel horoscope where you can see how specific longitude lines across the globe are destinations that are either not so good for you or great for you.  This kind of helps put where you live into your health perspective.  When I went through so much drama when I was sick and even before that, my worst living line was straight through the east coast (where I was born, grew up and lived most of my life).  Guess where my best living line is in the US? It goes right through the Rocky Mountains!  Life here has been so much better for me. I not only met my husband on the first day of moving here, but I seem to thrive physically in dryer climates.

Everything does have an affect on us, so by knowing more, only helps us to figure it out!  I hope you can find some gold nuggets of your own this week’s newsletter.