With illness can come hormone changes and if you couple that with the dreaded word, “aging” you’ll find many reasons why getting your hormones checked (and fixed) should be in EVERYONE’S Lyme plan.I’ll write briefly and concisely about the fixes and I won’t go so much into the WHYS, because I’ll assume you understand the importance of hormones for this news flash.Testosterone keeps men virile and youthful.  Estrogen and progesterone help women stay fertile. The shift all starts after the glorious 20’s when hormones are anabolic (growth promoting).   Then, while in your 30’s things change a little and when you hit 50 (not everyone, but most) will have a REAL noticeable hormone decline.

If you put the hormone whackiness on top of Lyme, it’s really hard to completely understand how screwed up people can get.


You’d be hard pressed to find a doc that could put that picture together for you. And it seems that many hormone docs wants to pass out horse urine (estrogen-replacement drugs that are made by Big Pharma) or they just want to give testosterone shots to men!I won’t go into the cruelty of how they make drugs out of horse urine, but let’s just say you should really avoid that…not just for the horsies, but also because it’s BAD for women.  And don’t get me started with testosterone shots, that’s a SLIPPERY slope and really not a very good plan for someone who has low T.  It’s a haphazard approach and is how most medicine is practiced these days!I take the natural approach.  It takes longer, but it works.  The only time it doesn’t work, from what I can tell, is when people have already been put on hormone replacement drugs in pretty high doses and making the switch should be a gentle process that doesn’t always go smoothly.  But it can be done and it does happen quite often!Back to horse urine- prescription estrogen replacement drugs increase heart attacks, strokes, dementia and breast and ovarian cancer. I’ve seen people all screwed up who are not only on this in high levels (usually older women who really should be phasing out of taking hormones in general), but also on drugs like Diovan (to control blood pressure, but it always makes people extremely anxious and it comes with many other negative side effects).   What a terrible combination!

I’m going to teeter totter. Let’s talk about WOMEN first and then MEN. Skip the section that doesn’t pertain to your gender.


Estrogen really is the main topic here.  Progesterone is needed for fertility, but since we are talking about overall health and estrogen being a REAL killer of it or a REAL promoter of it, I’ll focus mainly on that.

I have a few clients who don’t have enough estrogen and I have others who have really high forms of the bad kind.  There are solutions!

B Vitamins-  because they aid the liver breaking down estradiol (the bad kind) into estriol.   Taking phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine prevent attachment of estradiol to cell estrogen receptors.  And guess what!? They are also two keys to neurotransmitter balancing! So it’s a double win there.  Both are found in lecithin (get it here).

DIM – The body makes DIM from indol-3-carbinol and this substance is found naturally in cruciferous veggies. It increases good estrogen while lowering undesirable forms.   Eat your veggies and perhaps get DIM to serve your lady needs.

Progesterone Cream- I have always had low progesterone. I blame it on athletics, even though it’s unfounded.  Some natural creams really do wonders for women who have the signs of low progesterone- look these up, but sleep is one.  I slept way better after taking 40mg dose a day. Taking this is a good idea because it really can ease you into menopause and reduces risk of osteoporosis and certain cancers.  Get a natural kind at the health food store.

Aromataste Inhibitors-  The enzyme aromataste is involved in the body’s conversion of testosterone to estrogen.  Women who have too much of the bad stuff, need an aromataste inhibitor.  I remember a few past clients, young girls, with crazy bad PMS. Since I use to be a sufferer myself, taking something for this was GODSEND (hint: it was Myomin that finally fix this problem).

  Flavonoids- reduce aromatase activity.   Grapeseed extract, black tea, zinc, citrus fruits, red wine…basically everything I crave on a daily basis.

Chrysin- the “so-called” most potent of flavonoids for reducing aromatase activity.  Take this and still keep your testosterone, which keeps you interested in sex.  High-five.



MYOMIN– I cannot say enough about this product. See below for the link to the research paper for it.  I use it with clients and I used it on myself when I had really too much estradiol (enough to make someone go crazy). I use this with female and MALE clients to reduce estradiol. AND IT WORKS.  Read about the signs of having too much estradiol and if that’s you, commit to taking this product for 6 months to a year. It’s worth it.


CHI- F -While Myomin reduces bad forms of estrogen (in a huge way), Chi- F is the sex hormone balancer.  IT promotes fertility, reduces PMS as well and REDUCES menopause symptoms.  I use this in combo with Myomin, with my female clients who have hormone issues.

Hormone Balancer

Hormone Balancer


They say older men are super depressed because of their hormones. Even with women dealing with menopause, men just silently wither awayor they get angry all the time for no apparent reason. They go through male menopause, it’s a REAL thing.   The reason is usually LOW-T.  There are other hormones to talk about here though

Guys get into middle-age and their testosterone declines and so do ANDRO and DHEA.  They call this (medically speaking) andropause because these male hormones are androgens. Women have some of them also and DHEA, for example, does keep everyone youthful.

Men also start to make more DHT (let’s just keep this acronym, an acronym) and this is a metabolite of testosterone.  DHT is more potent than testosterone, but it also makes guys bald and promotes enlarged prostates.  In other men, as testosterone lowers, ESTROGEN increases. Some older guys have more estrogen than pre and postmenopausal women.   So when I go around telling some guys they are acting like girls, I really do mean it!

Aromatase Inhibitors–  Just like women, aromatase inhibitor plays a key role in converting testosterone to estrogen (the bad kind).  You can get this tested guys and if excess aromatase is the underlying cause or you are growing breasts and watching too much Lifetime channel, I’d take something ASAP.

You may want to also take a good look at the list of foods that are not so great. Some foods lower testosterone and raise estrogen. Let’s talk about a few popular ones.

BEER. Sorry to inform you. Drink it if you want to look like Homer Simpson, otherwise just stick to a little red wine.

Soy. Unless it’s fermented, I’d stay off of that one.

Coffee, yup this one also. If you drink it, just go light. 16 ounces of coffee is not “a cup.”Get your proportions right. Just because you can supersize it for 50 cents more, doesn’t mean you should. You know who I’m talking too.

Testosterone and DHT–  And God said, “Let there be Saw Palmetto and so it was.” So take it. This herb, along with a plant form of the antioxidant astaxanthin, SIGNIFICANTLY reduced DHT and estradiol levels in men.
When I met my husband, I thought he’d be bald in the back by now. I was okay with that because I thought he would look a lot like Dr. Klinghardt (which I think is very sexy with that grown out Ben Franklin hairdo).  He takes a few things I put in front of him and one thing has this herb in it.  He’s got a full set of hair…so far.

Gandoerma Lucidum (Ling Zhi) and Green Tea Extract –  I cannot get my husband to take green tea, but…. both inhibit the formation of DHT and help maintain testosterone.

Lycopene- prevents benign prostate enlargement (BPH) and lowers PSAs. Saw Palmetto can work to reduce the urinary issues associated with BPH and improve sexual function.

Erectile Dysfunction- No jokes here. This sucks. It’s why men go running to the doc for the blue pill.  I personally would choose to deal with this in another natural way that also promotes overall health, not just getting your penis temporarily fixed. The suggestion is L-arginine. It’s a precursor to nitric oxide with regulates the flexibility of blood vessels.  Creating more NO also is a HUGE exercise booster. It makes you feel good. This goes for men and women.

Pycnogenol- a plant derived antioxidant enhances this effect.

L-citrulline- body converts this to L-arginine

Take all 3, daily. Just make sure you’re taking enough. 2,000 mg of L-arginine, 100 mg of Pycnogenol and about 1-2,000 mg or L-citrulline.

I would also go a step further, for this one and take Vein Lite. A big part of this is CIRCULATION, so if your circulation is not great, then anything related to exercise won’t be so great, including getting an erection.  You have to workout and you have to get your circulation RIGHT.



Prosta Chi Has Saw Palmetto and other herbs for creating hormone balance, blocking DHT and increasing Testosterone. It also improves sexual performance.  It’s been a game changer for a lot of guys with prostate issues.  I would personally (if I were a guy) take this, along with MYOMIN and the above nutrients.  It’s a wham-bam package for your hormones and sex organs.



Check out the Chi products mentioned on this blog under the HORMONE BALANCING section of this website.