The holidays are not quite over, but the end of the year is always a good reflection time for what you want to make of 2017!  I’m working on my taxes, getting my office straight and working on some long term projects that should come to fruition in 2017.   It’s been a very busy 2016, and I’m anticipating 2017 to be busier with the what I’m working on.

Some of the topics I wanted to talk about or remind you of, were things that I think are timely for the season we are in.  So here it goes…..

Bio Mats

Tis the season to really enjoy these.  Bio Mats have been around for half a decade now (maybe a little more).   We do sell them. I just don’t push them like over websites too. I offer it as a product that I recommend because I really enjoy mine and used it while I was sick very effectively.

What you need to know is that these mats are IR mats, using infrared heat and usually contain stones like amethyst inside the mat.  As you may or may not be aware of, stones DO have different vibrations and amethyst  is a stone that people have been using in many cultures as a “healing” stone.  I cannot attest to that, of course. I can say that I do have a natural affinity towards crystals, stones, etc….not just because they are “shiny.”

The mat can be used for deep heat treatments and also HYPTHERMIA.  I talk about it in my book and in some other articles.

To get the full scoop on my thoughts on the biomat, go here:

Healing with Heat – It’s A Wonderful Thing!

Here is the free book ALL ABOUT using Hyperthermia.

….I would read it, if I were you.

You can get fun little facts like :

“People can feel 100% improvement in their autonomic nervous system…on DAY ONE!”

“When the body is decreased by 1 degree in temperature, 36% of immune function declines, 12% of basic metabolism declines, 50% of enzyme activities decline.”

Last word on the mat- People who sell the biomats, agree to sell them at a set price.  You can go here to get ALL THE INFORMATION you need about ordering, including prices .


I think the Professional Model is the best deal, as it’s the mat that can cover the entire body and the cheapest price.  It comes with a case and cover.  I LOVE MINE. I even bought my mother one.

If you want a mat, just email us ( and we have to write in the order for you.  It’s painless and takes a 5 minute phone call after you email us.

For those who order within this next week, we’ll send you a free carton of our award-winning tooth powder (good for killing all of the spirochetes in your mouth, along with fighting any kind of oral pathology in your mouth). It’s exceptional!

Tis the Season For Bone Both Soups!

If you haven’t read the post about what bone broth soup can do for your achy joints (skin, muscle, nervous system, etc) and your digestive health, read it here:

Bone Broth For Infectious Disease Symptoms

Live longer, stay healthier with unsaturated fats

A recent long-term study including more than 126,000 subjects clarifies how eating different fats affects mortality.

People who eat more unsaturated fats may live longer.  Check out this article from New Hope Network here.


Immortality Now Series- This Video Caught My Attention!

….talking about energetic medicine and telomere repair. It’s a good one to watch, when you have a few minutes.