Healing Takes Spiritual and Metaphysical Power

Learn how to set your INTENTIONS right.

Sometimes I like to write about the emotional/spiritual side of healing. Unfortunately, this side gets ignored a lot and many physicians don’t include this aspect in one’s healing plan.  This is a grave mistake as I have found for myself that everyone who is ill has to be responsible for putting themselves there.

It’s not the easiest thing to admit because it’s far easier to play victim, but the only problem is that the outcome is never good!   But for those who are realizing that illness is opportunity and that it’s a real calling to do things differently, then there is absolutely no reason for that person to not get healthy.  It’s all the of the hidden things that people are not receptive to that buggers on if not properly understood and worked on.

While, I realize that many may click off of this newsletter after reading the first paragraph, I really do implore you to keep reading as this may be one of the most insightful newsletters for you.

I am absolutely not without fault and while I’m over illness COMPLETELY, I’m still on the spiritual journey that getting sick has ultimately granted access too.  I’ve actually found myself more and more trying to do things so differently than before and I do believe that the way I nurture myself and others, besides just what I physically do to stay well, is why I’ve never been sick since the time I considered myself “lyme free.”

Healing From Lyme DiseaseSo while you may be taking your supplements, medicine, treatments, etc., let’s not ignore the part that could bring all of your physical efforts FINALLY TOGETHER in a complete healing process.

I’ve read a ton of self-help books and articles, listen to CDs and lectures, all by people who have great spiritual insight and I always find myself getting some gold inspirational or practical advice to live by, no matter if I’ve heard it before.

Last week my adorable husband gave me a birthday gift of a Dr. Wayne Dyer CD set about the power of intention.  While  I’ve been practicing this on and off since I was little and not really recognizing it, it was good to be reminded of some major key points.

He was talking about how inspiration means “in spirit” and when one is inspired (let’s say to get well) they are doing things “in spirit.”  Let’s face it, we may have bodies that are on the physical plain, but we are just temporarily in them. Being in spirit really means being connected to let’s say higher source, but really it’s the same source that’s in all of us.  Many people are just totally disconnected and that’s something that has to be fixed in order to achieve this full recovery.  It pretty much starts with contemplating all energies and being willing to connect yourself with intention.

You may be scratching your head on this. I understand, but it starts with wanting to know more. This is not in any religious context, but really more of a spiritual one in how to use the higher energy of ourselves (what we can actually produce ourselves) and it’s really quite HUGE.

So instead of diving into deep with this subject, I would first like to say that Dr. Dyer’s CD set is a must for any of you feeling lost and unsure of your own success at this point with healing. It’s also great if you’re just not satisfied with any aspect of your life.

I have to tell you my best clients are not ones that go to church or have any religious affiliation. They are some of the nicest people (without a doubt), but what I have noticed from those clients is that that they are bound my interpretations on how to live and what to be, whether it’s for their church (mosque or synagogue) or their families. 

It’s shocking.  People who are not true to themselves, can’t get well!  It’s actually impossible because they aren’t aligned with true intention, the kind that comes to a person but gets judged by that person as being false or takes a person on a different route than what they thought was right for them.

Why did I get sick?

…probably many reasons that I personally take responsibility for.  I was a real physical phenom, but I could never quite get with the right coach or the right training group. I was never happy and when I won, I still wasn’t happy.  I had to learn the hard way that winning isn’t even happiness.  I wonder about Michael Phelps. I bet if any of you really knew him that well, he’d tell you the same thing. 

In high school, when running was fun for me, I won everything. I didn’t even consider how it would be to come in 2nd or 3rd.  Every title. Every record. It was all mine.  Everything I raced, even if I didn’t train specifically for it, was won. The other kids looked at me like I was some kind of freak show.  When we had pep rallies, I was more celebrated than the football players! My running was fun and it came from a place of joy.   After 7 years of high school track (starting when I was 13), it wasn’t so fun.  Then it was my job and I had to answer to people I didn’t like or respect; people who had direct authority over my career.

You can always create wins by aligning yourself, however temporary whether you realize it or not, but when you LIVE in the inspired place (the in spirit place), then you will win, show kindness and really feel you are on the right path. Winning won’t seem like it matters, because you knew you would win…you made it so. The winning part that is associated with ego and how others see yourself disappears and you’ll be saying something like, “ Well I had a good performance today, but let’s face it, I was having a good day. My competitors were really tough and I’m grateful for that.

This is just an illustration on how sometimes a person’s path changes for them quicker than they think and a person may hang on a lot longer than they should, because of EGO. My performance and reputation was what I thought defined me, so I stuck with unpleasant situations LONG before I got sick. 

People do this with relationships, they do this with work, they do this with where they live and  with WHOM they associate with.

Does this sound familiar?

I always consider myself a work in progress, but what when I started helping people with The Tick Slayer, I realized that I was doing more for myself by helping others, than all of my athletic wins and pursuits combined.  It’s not that everyone has to go into service for others to get well, it’s about how much JOY can be obtained by helping others.  It’s creating positivity so that you can attract more of what you want.

Let me end with some really neat points. Dr. Dyer writes about a quick start guide to raising your energy so you can attract what you want.

  • Becomes conscious of your thoughts. Raise your energy and strengthen your body by creating high vibrations just with thought.
  • Mediation- only if just a few moments.
  • Be Conscious of the food you eat.
  • Retreat from low energy substances- drugs, alcohol, even tap water.
  • Conscious of the music you listen too. What are the lyrics? Are they positive?
  • Take a look at your home environment -Prayers, paintings, magazines, ART, colors on the walls, pictures, etc. They all have energy associated with them.
  • Remove yourself from cable TV-  most programs create an ongoing low energy stream.
  • Enhance your energy field with photographs- every photo has energy.  Arrange photos of love and joy.
  • Become conscious of the energy levels of people around you.
  • Stay in close proximity to those who are empowering and radiate a higher energy.
  • Stay away from gatherings that produce hate.
  • Give or receive a massage.
  • Help other and, extend acts of kindness.
  • Be specific with your intentions. Write affirmations.
  • Hold thoughts of forgiveness.

The reason why I feel so strongly in writing this is in hopes to move you towards your goals and help you remove any blocks you may be having.  With your healing journey, when you are really in the right frame of mind (spiritually), you end up getting your health mysteries SOLVED and you hook up with people who PROFOUNDLY help catapult you in the right direction.

So the question is, are you ready for it?

Let go, allow yourself to be directed without JUDGEMENT, ask for assistance, set intentions and really believe in the outcome.  
You’ll do soooo very well!

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  1. This post is EVERYTHING !! (Aside from your indispensable private coaching– I must say that first because I feel a massive significant improvement in my health since coaching with you — a desperately needed restoration of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that you are directly responsible for via your coaching and by me taking all of the supplements and treatments that you have suggested.
    But this post is everything- I have a long overdue exploration of why I got sick– what primal and pivotal aspects of myself that I have neglected and that contributed to my overall health deterioration before LYME. Thank you for this crucial central and foundational guidance in reminding me to take full responsibility so that I can lift myself up and out of darkness on every level- I am purchasing Wayne dyers recordings so that I can truly and deeply evolve and elevate to my highest consciousness – and move into the LIGHT. My husband and three children will soar as well from this enlightening necessary work. Thank you! I hope you post more like it!! You are a genius angel.