GABA- Take a Break!

GABA is a neurotransmitter that SLOWS brain activity and can offer relief from depression.


Treating Depression in Lyme Disease patients

Treating Depression in Lyme Disease patients

With Lyme and autoimmune diseases, comes neurotransmitter imbalances.  Sometimes it’s started in sick guts, sometimes it’s a side-effect from taking drugs or poor diets or not getting enough supplementing in, and sometimes it’s a natural occurrence usually starting in FETAL development (something you have no control over).

Brains are generally ready for signals to begin processing at any given moment….naturally hyper-active.  GABA keeps a brain calm AFTER it’s processed information, so it’s not in constant hyper-drive phase.

GABA has only one chemical peer in the brain, which is glutamate.  They act as gas and brake pedal.  Glutamate stimulates and GABA dampens the excitability.

When GABA is in a deficit we could be anxious, depressed or be bipolar.  It’s also linked to autism and epilepsy.

When GABA is in deficit, our body increases the production of GLUTAMATE in order to compensate. It leads to a lot of excitement and then burn out.  Eventually receptors for glutamate retreat and prevent brain cells from firing.  The end results is a feeling of NUMBNESS.

Stress unfortunately impairs GABA and that stress leads to long term depression.  Research shows that the GABA balance is vulnerable to not only stress, but genetic and environmental issues.

Ketamine, which is experimentally used to treat depression, has been used to “energize” people who have been unresponsive for years.  This could be a viable option for those suffering such intensity GABA deficits.

Another link is to obesity, so diet is quite important to keeping the balance in tact.   GABA is a widely known dietary supplement and unfortunately taking GABA alone is sometimes NOT enough for certain individuals.  A better option is take other supplements with GABA, the ones associated with improving GABA levels.

Other things you need to know about GABA

  • Bacteria in the gut synthesize GABA. Unhealthy GUT= Unhealthy Brain
  • GABA regulates functions inside the GI tract- No GABA = POOR Gut Health
  • GABA may  play a role in muscle tone
  • Some plants contain GABA that help them resist environmental stress!

Many People Who Have Drug Addiction Are Trying To SELF-TREAT Neurotransmitter Issues

Morphine binds to receptors for endorphin, while nicotine binds to the receptors of acetylchoine.   Cocaine increases dopamine and ecstasy increases serotonin.  Alcohol blocks NMDA receptors.  This wouldn’t be the way I would treat my problems, but many do.

What does cannabis do?

We have cannabionoid receports in the brain.  When you take cannabis (THC), you are dealing with the same kind of mechanism as opiates that directly bind to the receptors for endorphins.  This anandamide molecule that binds to them (from cannabis) regulates mood, memory, appetite, pain cognition and emotions.  Anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced naturally by the brain, has also been isolated in chocolate.  The reward circuit is activate, just like in any drug, and more dopamine is released.

Cannabis selectively suppresses GABA and glutamate, trying to achieve a balance.   It suppresses both excitement and inhibition. Glutamate suppression is needed for some people who suffer from EXCITOXCITY and provides some brain protection as it occurs in injury, stroke, neurodegenerative conditions, seizures, etc. There is also the case for helping one get relief from traumatic experiences, by giving their body a real rest from it. I think honestly, that’s the MAGIC of it. Right there. 

What I would do.

I would first figure out how poorly I scored on the Braverman test.  The Braverman test a great test to figure out where your deficits are.  It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.


I would take the quiz, check out the results….see what the interpretations were.

Then I would work on my GUT HEALTH.  You can go to this section- GO CRAZY. 

Remember that to improve gut health, you need to eat fermented foods, drink plenty of alkaline water, eat lots of fiber.  The products for your gut, will help a lot.

I would take the recommended supplements from the test- Cognitive Performance is also a very good one to take for several months.  It offers many of the nutrients advised, so you don’t have to buy a separate bottle for every nutrient suggested

Cognitive Performance- Neural Tissue Support

I’d Also Take-


Chi Happiness- Seretonin Builder

IF I gave these a good GO and for some reason, still had problems.

I would then consider doing the KETAMINE treatment AND/OR using Cannabis (THC) treatment to re balance for a period of time.  I would obviously NOT neglect the other things that I consider MUST BE DONE (creating good gut health, taking key supplements, eating well).