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    Sharon Wilson

    Thanks for responding Perry – about our 22 year old son with the neuro/sanity issues. Today he saw a special naturopathic doctor/ biological dentist that did a 3D panoramic digital xray. (We were motivated by your experiences!) He had no cavitations, but the maxillary sinus on one side was COMPLETELY filled in with something. The other side was totally open, As I mentioned, he sneezes a lot. The clinic tried a few minutes of ozone through the ears in a stethoscope like instrument – not much affect. The doctor/dentist is going to an ozone conference this weekend and is going to take the xrays and ask his colleagues if ozone injection could help. He said it was “soft tissue” although I have no idea what that is. Could it be mold or fungus? Lymes bacteria with biofilm? A co-infection from Lymes? With your experience with ozone, do you think some kind of ozone would help the sinus? Possibly the machine you sell on your website? What would you guess it might be?

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    Perry Fields

    Ozone would kill just about anything that’s in there, but one treatment won’t do much if there is a mechanical block of some sort. It might be that he needs a few treatments, or even home treatments over and over, until it’s cleared up. I’m not sure what it could be. X-rays are a good start.

    My experience with ozone is always good. I realize it gets pricey. Blood ozone is not the same as having an ozone unit at home, but with a home unit, you can ozonate water and drink it, you can do ozonated water enemas, you can ozonate any “cootie” that you have that’s in your respiratory system or nasal passage. I realize you have to be careful, but must home units are not industrial and are suitable for at home treatments and are still quite powerful.

    The reason why I like my machine (http://thetickslayer.com/products/ozone-units/ ), because there is just one switch for ON/OFF, has extremely durable casing, and has a tube that attaches quickly to ozonate water/liquid. The tube could be used to do sufflations also.

    If the doctors doesn’t have any good ideas, I would do the home method until something came out.

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    Sharon Wilson

    Hi Perry,

    The doctor/dentist got back from his Ozone Conference and is recommending our son come in weekly to do ozone through the ears and also bubbled through olive oil into the nose. They said it was about $120 per treatment for both ears and nose. So is the unit you use and sell able to do this bubbling in olive oil in order to use it in the nasal passage? I understand that you can’t put ozone directly into your nose or mouth because it would irritate the lining. I’m not sure if it would be better to do their treatments there or just get a home unit sometime. Would blood ozone work or would that not reach the hollow sinus passage? Currently he is doing something that I have on hand – iodine drops that you mix in salt water in a huge bowl – then you put your face in and suck the air through your nose and then spit it out in another bowl (or sink). Garden of Life sells the drops. It helps clear some out but not nearly enough. Also if he plugs one nostril he can tell it’s only coming through one that’s open. The maxillary sinus is behind your cheek, but it leads up to your nasal passages, so I guess with the ozone it might pass down into the maxillary sinus better.

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    Perry Fields

    I would understand ozone treatment that’s injectable to be this much, but not something that you can do at home. Now of course at home, it’s not under doctor’s care, so if you are comfortable with that (like many people are, like myself), the go for it. It would obviously save you money in the long run, but the investment towards a really nice machine is something you will be using to stay healthy for years to come and can treat your entire family with. So yes, I personally would do the at-home treatment for sinus related issues.

    IT makes total sense to use iodine inhale through your nose, it’s like using a netty pot.

    I would ozonated water and use it in a netty pot. That would be microbe-busting for sure!

    http://thetickslayer.com/products/ozone-units/ (see the picture here of the unit I have) – Where the house comes out over the air vent, you can attach and detach a bubbler hose (it’s a hose that comes with the unit that has a stone like bubbler that bubbles the ozone and is used to ozonate water or olive oil, etc.). IT’s really GREAT!

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    Hi perry,
    I think I read that ozone shouldn’t come into contact with certain materials… Is this correct? So usually stuff like the hoses and containers you ozonate in are substances that won’t degrade the ozone. If I’m not confusing this point, would you mind sharing what materials are best to use?

    Thank you!

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    Perry Fields

    Kim, I’m not sure about this. I would not take everything you read so seriously. I mean there are people who write me about reading that Vit D and Magnesium feeds bugs. Well, I would rather take vital nutrients than NOT take them because of fear of feeding pathogens. You can order mag creme, but what about D? Injections. Silly I think.

    I’ve never had problems with my device, of course, it’s made in the USA, not some cheap thing from China. So with those folks over there, who knows what materials. Just buy USA made and you’ll be fine. There are standards for all these things. Thank goodness. You’ll be safe for sure with the one above.

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