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    Robbin T. Hartridge

    Hi Perry,
    I was wondering if you could explain how to use salt for the Vitamin C & Salt Lyme protocol for killing off Lyme and co-infections. Is your Sole Salt / mineral product the best type of salt to use, or Himalayan Sea Salt, or…….

    Thank you so much!

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Robbin,

    Vit C acts as an electron donor to surrounding tissue and organs. Diseased areas need electrons. When you’re using salt to kill Lyme (which is very helpful), the salt can create die-off and the C acts as a free radical scavenger. So together, they are VERY effective!

    The idea is to work up to 13 grams for a normal sized person (140 lb) woman. You use the exact same number of Vit C.

    That’s why the importance of the kind you take is pretty much the focus of this protocol. As you scale up over the course of several weeks, you will notice problems if you’re using NACL, table salt.

    I always suggest SOLE (which is awesome, but very hard to get the right amount) for this protocol, or a healthy salt that’s been encapsulated.

    I have one here, but it’s not quite ready yet.

    3 Blend Salt Caps will be ready in April. They have a type of charcoal salt (that’s Hawaiian and forms naturally), Himalayan salt (in powder form) and a 9 times roasted salt that’s VERY high in minerals. It’s in a measured form that’s encapsualted specifically for this protocol. I’ll have an a free plan for those who want to do the C and salt program with this product.

    The other issue is what kind of C are you taking. Calcium ASCORBATE is the alkalinizing form of C. You want this kind of C when taking lots of C, because it won’t make you acidic…which strengthens your detoxing abilities.

    Synergy C will be ready also in April. It has a very fine form of echinacha, cranberry (to support kidneys working hard) and beta glucans (for immune system). This is what I consider my ULTIMATE C for people taking copious amounts of C. It’s high quality and works wonders in high doses.

    If you can wait till April. I probably would. I would work on getting your elimination channels prepped before I did this protocol.


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    Hi Perry,

    I want to try the Salt C protocol and my 16 year old son as well. Can you contact me for purchasing details. Thank you!

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Delisia,

    We have a specific C and specific salt we are getting ready to encapsulate and that is what I would take, hands down.

    In the meantime, I would do a series of the oils. The C/Salt protocol can be WAY tougher on the body, so getting some oils in and beating the infection back will help with the salt protocol.

    Best to you,

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