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    I am extremely ill with lymes, bedridden most days, take Percocet and tramadol for pain but wanted to start a parasite cleanse with your product, Perry, but I noticed you mentioned it shouldn’t be done in a weakened sick state. I have had cats and dogs in my house and bed my whole life (we also have 4 horses but haven’t been able to ride in 2 years due to back surgery and being so weak). But it sounds like this parasite cleanse is something I really need, should I try it in my condition?

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    Perry Fields


    It sounds like you shouldn’t do one now. You have to pump yourself up a little before you do a parasite cleanse. Yes, it sounds to me like you are a prime candidate and it will do wonders for you, but people with extreme cases of parasites (just like me, I write about this in my book and what happened to me when I started cleansing), can get all kinds of crazy symptoms from the removal of them.

    You need to get your inflammation issue down so that you can stop taking what you are taking for pain. Your body has it’s own natural system for dealing with pain and when you take abx for pain, you’re basically shutting your body’s natural response down and becoming “addicted” to a pill that in turns, causes other negative symptoms.

    So please get together with a doctor who is more of an ND, read my book, go through my plan and create a timeline of how you want to steadily progress, off the drugs, getting yourself pumped up, removing parasites, etc. etc.

    If I’m saying to get something in that plan, I REALLY do mean it. I promote what I use and what I use to get other people healthy. So take my words seriously.

    All my best!


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    Thankyou for your time and response. I realize I have put the cart before the horse for I have not yet received or read your book I ordered 2 weeks ago because the cabin we are staying in, in the NC mountains, does not have mail service. I will return to the forum after getting back home in 2 weeks and reading your book. Your folks at Zippy Publishing were very helpful and accommodating in rerouting the book I ordered.

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