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    Niamh Daly

    Hi, my name is Niamh.
    Firstly I’d like to say congrats on the book, amazing read.
    I purchased the plan a few weeks ago and I am just wondering about the Body Chemistry Kit. I got my micronutrients tested a month ago and almost everything was depleted so I am taking a multivitamin etc, however I don’t know how to test my electrolytes. I am just wondering about the testing kits? I checked the product page on your website and didnt find anything.
    Also I have started the Ondamed machine and I am just wondering would the Oral pathology show infection in my cavitation sites? I have two extractions and had one root canal done.

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Niamh,

    Those are good questions. As far as testing electrolytes with the kit, you can take a cap (the cap that comes on the bottle) and fill it up and pour it into 8oz of milk and just sip it. If it tastes salt and thick (either or or both), you need to take the electrolytes this way, each day, twice a day, until that saltiness and/or thickness goes away.

    When you are totally balanced, the electrolytes do not taste like anything. You can test them in milk or water, milk is just easier to test with, plus you it’s got nutrition in it. I personally take it in organic milk and I love the way it tastes, even when it’s salty, because I can tell it’s something I really need at that moment.

    All of the electrolytes and other products that you use your taste/smell to balance with are here: http://thetickslayer.com/products/vitamins-minerals-electrolytes/

    As far as Ondamed goes- more than likely it would pick up the infection on the Jaw Joint/Teeth setting. However, it’s not the official way of testing to find out if you need surgery. So do what the book and plan say for getting the testing on that and do it the right way! Nothing’s worse than having the infection and dentists telling you there’s nothing there. Ondamed info here: http://thetickslayer.com/ondamed/

    I’ve gotten to the point, I don’t suggest you do this at first, that I can actually just put a little on my tongue and know immediately if it’s something I need. I don’t suggest anyone doing that, but I’ve trained myself to test that way.

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    Hi perry

    I’ve been coached by you since last oct…I’m wondering if I’m testing my electrolytes incorrectly now?!
    Ive been taking TWO caps in 8 oz of distilled water and tasting them then… Should I only be using ONE?


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    Perry Fields

    Sorry I meant two caps. You’re right!!

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    Hi Perry, late late reply .my smart phone wouldnt let me reply,not so smart at all. Go raibh Maith agat ( thank you in Irish) for your reply. I ordered the electrolytes and a few other bits. I’m waiting on a phone call from my dentist , not sure if he does the same testing here but wel see . Just saw the picture you tweeted of your sisters head. My goodness oral pathology is crazy. I did a year of mercury treatment and never once did I hear of oral pathology until your books so again go raibh Maith agat. Makingy way nicely through the plan, had some things already done , the emotional part being a huge part for me and for everyone without them maybe realising it. I did get 6 months free treatment of the cowden protocol . I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but Im going to include it into the plan as its a herbal protocol. Anyway thanks again for your reply. Stay well,Niamh 🙂

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