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    Hi Perry, words cannot express the gratitude I have for what you are doing – thank you …

    I have some questions regarding NAET treatment – are you familiar with this method of minimizing allergic reactions ?

    It is becoming more and more apparant that those who have, and have treated, lyme disease are subject to exaggerated allergic reactions – things that might have gone unnoticed in the past can become, in themselves, a chronic, even live threatening issues ( mold, wheat, and in the case of one man as reported in The Washington Post, red meat )

    NAET seems as if it would be an of enormous benefit to some still suffering from lyme – I am wondering if you have an experience with this treatment, or, if you have heard anything positive or negative …

    Thank you again !!!

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Lucas,

    It sounds like it’s own way of trying to get people healthy. Many of the treatments and practices of NAET are things I already talk about in the book and the plan. I guess they have their own treatment routine as well with a combination of practices. Allergies are just symptoms of things very wrong in the body, so if they are treating the underlining issues, then it probably does work. That’s the key.

    I personally had allergies developing in college, not just to food, but to pollen and pet dander. I have no allergies at all anymore. I could probably safely eat gluten, I just choose not too because I don’t consider gluten to be healthy. I did not do NAET, but again, but there are probably some similar ideas here.

    Hope you are doing well! All my best,

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    My father used NAET to eliminate allergies that NO allergist in our city could diagnose or treat. He drove 3.5 hours to Va Beach to a practitioner who treated him with NAET and now he is essentially “cured”!

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    Perry and Darla, thank you for the replies … I’ve just begun NAET, but we begin with the basics – I started with a general balancing, and then we did eggs/poultry ( and also includes tetracyclines, which made me worse in the begining of treatment ) … thanks again

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