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    i Just got some blood test results back. 2 things that worried me were low platelet count and elevated liver enzymes. Just curious. I figure the liver enzymes due to the antibiotics and whatever other toxins I might be filtering out while battling this disease. But why the lowered platelet count? Also. Is there any supplements I can take to help elevate the count?


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    Perry Fields

    Unhealthy blood comes about from many different simultaneous conditions (like the health of all organs in general). You can take supplements, but how well do supplements work if your gut is ruined? You can inject yourself with certain supplements to by pass that issues, but again, you aren’t addressing the root issue.

    So as far as what is causing low platelet count, well if any doctor knew, he’d by lying. Infection? sure. Organ health? sure. …do you see how this gets complicated real fast?

    Detox and Rebuild and Detox and Rebuild and Detox….etc.

    To try to give you a simple answer to your question.

    1) Vitamin C- high doses
    2) Juicing
    3) Metabolic Enzymes- http://thetickslayer.com/products/metabolic-enzymes/ (AWESOME stuff)
    4) Glucan – that is proven to show significant improvement of blood health after ingesting- http://thetickslayer.com/products/tsi-ashga-glucans/

    Not necessarily in that order, but that’s a start for you.

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