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    Hi Perry,
    I’ve been really distressed recently about the whole “Lyme can only be put into remission” thing and according to my doctor is a maintenance disease. This really scares me and it’s all I’ve been thinking about recently! I’m only 23 and I’m afraid I will have to settle for a mediocre life due to this illness. So essentially is it possible to cure Lyme disease rather than just have it in remission and then get symptoms all over again at the moment of high stress? it just seems so daunting.
    I’m hoping that after recovering I will still be able to have a few drinks with friends and have nights out rather than having to cut things short/ work full time and still have energy for other things but from all the discussions in Lyme forums it seems this won’t be possible which has been giving me immense anxiety and depression more so than the symptoms themselves !
    Thank you

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    Also, a guy I met in the IV clinic also said he thought he had cured his Lyme and then he caught a parasite on a trip to Fiji and all his symptoms came back… Does this mean that any infection can trigger Lyme symptoms all over again? What about travelling, and not being able to eat clean for a period of time, does that mean the Lyme will come back again also? Not sure what to think of all this:(

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    Perry Fields

    If you get stressed and it comes back, then you were never really over it. I’m sorry you have some doc telling you that it’s just remission. If that were the case, then I’m not sure what you would call my recovery? Remission? No way!

    It sounds like you’re just not having a full recovery. The guy in Fiji wasn’t over his either. Traveling should not be an issue, you can get just as many parasites here in the US as you can elsewhere. You just have to play it smart with what you eat, etc. But you cannot live in a glass bubble either.

    Go have fun, but take care of yourself. If you are still getting sick if you’re stressed, you aren’t totally well yet.

    Hope that explains it.


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    sienna bale

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