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    What are your thoughts on whether or not Lyme can be transmitted sexually? I got a bullseye rash on June 1 of this year. I started doxy a just prior, as I was worried about a “bite” I saw. The rash developed over the next 1-2 days. My symptoms are achy legs and lots of foot pain. Otherwise, I feel great.

    Recently, I found stuff about sexual transmission. I wasn’t looking for this info, as I never thought this was possible. I am married and am now so concerned for my husband. What are your thoughts?


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    Perry Fields

    Hi Tenley,

    You could be in the beginning stages. It would worry me that I was bitten and then had negative symptoms of any sort. There are other insects that can bite and create something that looks similar to a bull’s eye. I’m not sure what the statistics are about having flu-like symptoms that come about after a bite, but I see more people having it, then not having that particular flu-like symptom. It’s good to take a precautionary measure, such as doxy for 7-10 days.

    As far as sexual transmission, it’s been debated. I personally DO believe you can transmit sexually and the reason why is because bacteria can spread everywhere (even the skin), so even if you are “protecting” yourself to a degree with a condom (for example), you are still having skin to skin contact, never mind the fluid exchange (which is still an issue as well).

    I would never personally have sex if I was having symptoms of any sort, because I would be risking spreading something to someone I cared about.

    It’s just like women who want kids but yet they are sick with Lyme. That’s not so debated as most healthcare professionals who are Lyme literate believe that it can pass to a child in utero.

    Get healthy, then move on with you life. Once you stop having symptoms for a while (6-12 months), then I would consider it safe. For now, it sounds like you need to take care of yourself FIRST.

    All the best,

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    Thanks Perry. Similar to you, I am an athlete (of sorts) and sore muscles, etc. are common place for me. It’s just that I got the rash around the same time that I developed Plantar Fasciitis and I’ve read about correlation. It could be merely coincidental, but maybe not. Otherwise, no flu-symptoms at all.

    I ended up getting a LLMD (maybe a mistake) and have been on 2 months of doxy already! Now he wants me on doxy and flagyl for 4 more weeks. I’m not having any symptoms. I guess I do have the occasional minor headache and now my joints are clicking. I can’t figure for the life of me if it’s really Lyme or if the drugs are messing me up. I think it may be overkill, but my father ended up with neuro problems from undiagnosed Lyme (he can’t walk), and so I’m terrified.

    I do have a history of low magnesium and candida, along with diabetes. My “symptoms” or sore feet, and occasional mild fatigue may just be something else (or the drugs!)

    I just received your book today. I already read the ebook. I think I can take it from here without drugs, but I’m fearful. It broke my heart for years about my father, and I’m so careful about ticks (we live in MA) so I can’t believe I was actually bit. The doc says I need this cyst-buster. I don’t want to do the wrong thing.

    You say other bugs can cause a similar rash?

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    Perry Fields

    Well there’s a part in my book when I talk about antibiotics (specifically quinolones) and them causing damage to cartilage and even a small dose could be problems months and years later. Who really knows the exact damage that happens? I would play safe than sorry, if I were you…especially being an athlete. If you want to go back to sports, you better make damn sure you’re not doing something that could come back and get you (as in destroy your abilities).

    Don’t be so fearful. I’m real sorry about your dad, but when the problem is left untreated than all kinds of stuff can happen. WHen you have symptoms- IT’s YOUR CUE to take action and you’re doing that.

    Now you have to figure out how you want to go about treating this and how you want your recovery to look like. Don’t be scared and jump so quickly. I made that mistake at the beginning of my illness as I illustrate in my book.

    As for cyst-busting. Think of it in the perspective of the parasite (bacteria). You attack it with something, instead of your own body, the bug figures out how to hide from the one frequency (drug) that is coming at it. Then you say, you must take another thing to bust the form that it’s in, used to hide. Don’t you think that parasite has figured out how to hide from that other drug also? I do.

    What it can’t escape from is the wrath of a health body- the immune system. There are natural protocols that are highly effective for all kinds of forms of bacteria and parasites of this nature. That’s where I would look.

    Alberto responded to your- bug can cause other rash, question. See the first topic in the forum. He posted there.

    All my best,
    Don’t be fearful. Fear brings on everything you fear by nature.

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    Thanks for the response, Perry!

    OK. Deep breath. I’m letting go of my fear and I’m stopping the antibiotics today. Now I have to get myself back in balance. I’m going to order the enzymes and electrolytes. Any thoughts on what I should do about the joint popping? I have no pain, other than the tendon on my right knee, which hurts when I use it to pull. I’ve been biking and rebounding daily, dry skin brushing daily, doing clay foot soaks twice per week, taking tons of probiotics, using magnesium oil (which has almost entirely cured my foot and leg pain), drinking your “gut tonic” daily, taking adrenal nourishing herbs, and taking B-vitamins, CoQ10, and Zinc.

    For years, I’ve taken the alternative med route, after looking for options in dealing with my diabetes (I’m going to order your blood sugar pack too) and chronic stomach problems. These things were under control, but my stress never was. And when I got the “bulls eye” my fear and stress took over and onto antibiotics I went. To compound things, over the last few years I’ve wasted my adrenals with too much worry and let my electrolytes get off balance. Now it’s time to turn everything around. Thanks for inspiring me. Please advise about first steps, and also about the joint popping (which is painless, btw).

    Thanks, Perry! You are a warrior.

    *Speaking of fear, now I’m afraid that I’ve done irreparable damage with the antibiotics. This is how my brain works. I need to recondition my mind as much as my body.*

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    Perry Fields

    Hi, about the popping issues. It’s more than likely inflammation and excessive toxins in that area. I’d be a liar if I told you to take this or that, like it’s a simple thing. Many symptoms get better as you work on ALL the parts in a real planned out manner that makes sense.

    I tell people that recovery is like building a pyramid. If you do not get your base solid, then you are going to keep crumbling. Many people go straight to whatever they are told that kills Lyme, but have done nothing to build their BASE the right way. Years of just poor habits (even when you think you’re living well, you more than likely not…just like I illustrate in the book), take time to heal properly and that’s when you are actually doing things in the correct order! But it’s nothing to fear. It takes a little elbow grease, but so does washing the dishes everyday. It’s just a little work- it’s an investment in yourself! NOthing is more important.

    Get as far as you can go with the book and plan, if you need more help consider the coaching http://www.thetickslayer.com/coaching That way I can actually take a look in detail about what needs to happen with your particular case.

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