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    Hello, I have high reverse T3, low regular T3 and my doc wants to start me on liothyronine.. Do you know anything about this, or have recommendations on how to remedy?

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Liz,

    Happy New Year!

    I unfortunately do not know much about that drug. If you have hypothyroidism, you must first make sure you are getting the nutrients you need. It’s also okay and normal to have a hypothyroid WHEN you are ill. It’s common. Adrenal glands also need to be taken care of and supported, because adrenal fatigue is also a reason why you have a thyroid problem. You cannot separate the two.

    THe drug you mentioned is for people who have had intense radiation treatments, have had their thryoid removed, etc. etc. It’s intense, so the question is WHY go to that drug first?

    If no measure has been made covering your basics, then I would probably (if it were me, question your doctors and probably go a different route first).

    Hope that makes sense for you. I have plenty of clients who use this to get over hypothyroid conditions- http://thetickslayer.com/product/thyroid-bundle/

    And also use this- http://thetickslayer.com/product/mbi-thyroid-glandular/

    Those are my best suggestions. I would personally use them all for 6 months and get your thyroid levels tested every two months at AnyLabsNow. Then after 6 months if you are not happy with results, you can easily take a drug.

    If you see results improve (and you will), you can see how well it goes within 6 months. Know that it may be slow improvement if you are sick with something else, but improvement means you’re on the right track. It’s also special to have improvements and NO SIDE EFFECTS.

    Best to you!

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