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    Hi, I”m currently being treated for Lyme. My most conceding symptoms are heart related. Ever since becoming ill nearly 5 years ago I’ve experience tachycardia(SVT-although that is improved), erratic heartbeats, palpitations, chest pressure/tightness, air hunger, inability to exercise because my heart rate gets to high to quickly and takes to long to slow down along with becoming very short of breath. Currently, when I try to sleep my body wakes me up repeatedly because it’s like I cannot breath. Its the most awful feeling in the world. I basically just don’t sleep bc my body will not allow me too. My chest feels like an elephant is on it.

    I also have an issue with confrontation or being startled, if it happens my body over reacts with shaking and erratic/fast heartbeat.

    The most confusing part for me is I have a great days/weeks where these symptoms are very mild to non-existent then all of a sudden they come back. I have had full cardio workups and am finding no help. I worry my heart is being affected and getting worse. What am I missing? I’m currently taking Sida Acuta, Woad Supreme and Pau d’ Arco.

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    Perry Fields


    I’m sorry you’re experiencing so many issues that are heart related. I know with infection issues, you can often experience intense anxiety. Not to say, that you don’t have a real respiratory/heart issue, but if you have gotten your heart tested and there are not conclusions to draw from, then you must do what you have to do, to control anxiety while beating infection.

    What you mention taking is surely not enough if you have real infection. So the suggestion is to find out exactly what you have (co-infections, MRSA, EBV, parvo, etc.) and then really do an intense plan to beat the infection down. In the meantime, if you don’t like in a MJ state (CBD/THC oil), then you can take supplements that promote a calming effect. It may be simple- perhaps you just need more magnesium and B vitamins. Or you may do well with some more targeted nutraceuticals. If you are interested in what we have here- just email us. Go to the contact page and shoot me an email. I’ll tell you what I do for clients.

    In any case, you need MORE help for sure.

    Hang in there,

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    Thank you so much! Will shoot you an email!


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    Perry Fields

    You’re welcome!

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    I’ve found significant relief with these heart-related issues by using motherwort, hawthorn and passionflower along with l-theanine to manage insomnia and anxiety. But absolutely getting the infection levels down makes the biggest impact of all because the heart is extremely sensitive to these toxins. You definitely need to detox but also do it gently to avoid exacerbations.

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