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    Hi Perry:
    A few weeks ago I started with your electrolytes and taste/smell vitamins/minerals kit. That week something definitely improved for me, but then I started not being able to fall asleep at night and I’m wondering if it might have been from either one of those?

    Also, I don’t understand if I drink sole, why would I still need the electroltyes?
    could you please also explain whether your enzyme product is basically like a systemic enzyme product or what is it about? On the label it says it helps the body make more enzymes. I’d like to read more about it. (I am talking about the liquid one, not the ‘digestive’ enzymes.)

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    Perry Fields

    Howdy LGD,

    Well you could possibly get a surge of energy when you’re talking about finally giving your body a chemistry overhaul/balancing. If you were really depleted (and seriously most Lyme people ARE), then yes, you should notice things to start changing when taking the kit…sometimes it happens within a day.

    Sleep issues are like fatigue issues, there are SO many things it could be. Fatigue is one of those issues that finally resolves ITSELF once you start (for instance checking off and going through everything in that tick slayer plan) dealing with all the small issues that directly affect the larger issue at hand (Lyme, for example).

    I would take your kit, for the most part, in the morning and see if that helps. I wouldn’t take B Vitamins right before bed (for example). You could continue with the electrolyte at anytime. MInerals have a way of energizing ones self also. Take them in the AM and early afternoon.

    For SOLE- it’s basically salt, but has a wonderful crystalline structure that your cells really dig. it’s UBER helpful in replacing much needed SODIUM, it’s not an electrolyte balancing substance, it just replaces SALT and has lots of trace minerals (NOT THE SAME THING AS THE MINERAL KIT), it’s just trace amounts of many minerals, but it does wonders alone.

    The electrolyte kits are for balancing. That’s how you get toxic substances out of your cells and to move across your cell membranes for your body to push them out completely. It does not happen unless there is an balance (through osmosis). The labels also come with added ingredients for those who have regular, high or low blood pressure. I notice many people with Lyme have regular or LOW. Low blood pressure is a BAD as high blood pressure and in cases of Lyme, it’s probably worse because of the “stagnation.”

    The clear enzymes (liquid ones) are systemic (blood and digestive enzymes). It’s a total enzyme solution with HIGH amount of phyto nutrients. If you take the liquid ones, you don’t need a digestive enzymes, UNLESS you have a history of digestive concerns. Then I would do both at the beginning of your illness recovery and continue ONLY with the liquid ones since they work on your blood health…kind of paramount of have healthy blood when dealing with pathogens of various natures. It allows your NK cells to actually get to the bacteria in your blood. ….well pathogens of various natures (virus, etc.).

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